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Volume 24 No. 156
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     The ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS' Curtis Eichelberger has been
covering the potential move of the Nordiques to Denver since
rumors about the team's move to the area began.  He told THE
SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY that questions about the Denver market's
ability to support an NHL team are valid, but he thinks Denver
could support a franchise.  Eichelberger: "I do think with the
proper marketing there is enough of a base here to get people to
turn out."
     THE CORPORATE DOLLARS: Eichelberger thinks the biggest area
of concern will be the ability of the Denver corporate community
to support the skyboxes and club seating necessary to make the
franchise profitable.  He says there are many Denver teams
competing for corporate money.  Eichelberger: "I think you're not
going to have a problem filling the place, and I think you are
going to sell some boxes, but to sell them all, and to get the
kind of money they've -- the Rockies, the Broncos, the Nuggets,
and even up at CU -- been getting for them, I think that's where
the real test is going to be" (THE DAILY).
     HAMILTON IN THE MIX?  A U.S. group led by Rough Riders Owner
Horn Chen is interested in bringing the Nordiques to Hamilton,
according to this morning's Hamilton SPECTATOR.  John Kernaghan
reports that Chen's group has been in contact with the Nordiques,
but "have received no reply."  Hamilton Mayor Bob Morrow, who
confirmed the groups' interest, said the city did not want to
"seem predatory."  Hamilton: "But we couldn't wait until a deal
was done to move the team to Denver" (Hamilton SPECTATOR, 5/19).