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Volume 24 No. 155
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     In the current issue of SI, "Scorecard" offers its take on
the comments attributed to CBS golf analyst Ben Wright concerning
lesbianism hurting the LPGA Tour.  "Scorecard":  "Once again,
five years after Shoal Creek and several weeks before the
publication of 'The Unplayable Lie," Marcia Chambers' book
documenting sexism in the world of golf, the specter of an alien
presence has impinged on a sport in which power rests
overwhelmingly with straight, white males.  And every time the
alien tees up, it's fascinating to watch golf squirm. ...
Meanwhile, no one on the tour used the incident to step forward
and say what should have been said:  There are gays among us.
Deal with it."  SI does credit the CBS broadcast for avoiding the
"usual patronizing comments" regarding women golfers (SI, 5/22
     LPGA STAR CHIMES IN:  LPGA Hall of Famer Patty Sheehan
denies that lesbianism is an issue.  In an interview with the
BOSTON HERALD:  "We don't get the respect and TV exposure because
we are women athletes, and it has nothing to do with lesbianism.
It's because we are women, and there are some segments who don't
want us to get the same exposure or make the same money as men"
     WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT:  Denouncing homophobia in women's
sports, Women's Sports Foundation Exec Dir Donna Lopiano has
announced that the group will launch an educational program
focusing on the issue at its Annual Summit in Dallas this
weekend.  A panel discussion, "Homophobia:  The Red Scare in
Women's Sports," will explore the ways women are discouraged from
participating in sports.  The Foundation has also prepared a list
of "Words to Watch" for treating men and women alike in sports
reporting (Women's Sports Foundation).