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     The $75M plan to modernize the Oakland Coliseum complex --
"complete with plans to enlarge seating capacity" for a Raiders
return -- "hinges on the teetering Oakland A's sale" as well as
the Raiders' commitment to come back, according to David Li in
this morning's OAKLAND TRIBUNE.  Coliseum President George
Vukasin said East Bay officials do not want to go forward with
any renovation plans until the A's sale is finalized.  A
"tentative deal" to transfer ownership from Walter Haas to a
group led by Steve Schott and Ken Hofmann "still remains in
doubt."  Sources also note that the $75M renovation project would
be tied to a 15-year Raiders lease and financed by construction
bonds.  Renovation plans include:  increasing seating capacity
from 55,000 to 67,000; adding up to 80 luxury suites to the
existing 60; and new concession stands.  The just-released
Raiders schedule has the team playing two home games in
September.  On both Sundays, the A's are out of town.  Raiders
execs toured fields at the Alameda Naval Air Station this month,
looking for practice facilities and dorms (OAKLAND TRIBUNE,
     A'S SALE UPDATE:  East Bay officials are back at the table
with Schott and Hofmann, working out changes in their Coliseum
lease.  Schott & Hofmann are seeking control of the Coliseum
year-round.  Under the original deal, they would have controlled
the stadium only during the baseball season.  Several sources
said they expect talks to "come to a head -- one way or another -
- within the next two weeks."  Haas: "We're working hard to get a
resolution."  There had been reports that Hofmann, who will own
50% of the team, wanted to pull out of the $85M purchase, but
Vukasin "poohed-poohed that idea" (Judy Ronningen, OAKLAND
TRIBUNE, 4/26).