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Volume 24 No. 158

Collegiate Sports

          The debate over Title IX, the federal statue that
prohibits gender discrimination in athletic programs, continued
at a seminar put on by the NCAA and a later news conference by
the Women's Sports Foundation.  The battle is sure to continue as
members of the College Football Coaches Association are scheduled
to meet with Congress on May 9 to discuss ways in which Title IX
affects them.  Donna Lopiano, Exec Director of the Women's Sports
Foundation, expressed their continued support of the law.
Rebutting claims from football coaches that gains for women come
at the expense of their game and men's non-revenue programs,
Lopiano said, "It is so easy to cut men's non-revenue sports and
blame on gender equity. ... Football coaches have to play like a
team on this.  It is the right thing to do" (Karen Goldberg,
WASHINGTON TIMES, 4/21).  Athletic directors "are caught between
advocates of increased opportunities for women and college
football coaches."  CFA Exec Dir Chuck Neinas: "Title IX is not
an affirmative action program.  It is an anti-discrimination
program.  What the judge is proposing is setting a quota" (Milton
Kent, Baltimore SUN, 4/21).