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     According to Kodak officials, Olympic moments have been
captured with Kodak film or equipment since the very first modern
Olympiad.  The company has been a Top Sponsor of both the Winter
and Summer Games since '88.  Rich Diggelmann, Regional Dir of
Olympic Programs:  "The Olympic games showcase the best of
Kodak's ability to showcase our latest technology. It's become a
natural link to Kodak products."
COMPANY:       Kodak Int'l
STATUS:        Top Worldwide Sponsor ($40M)
CATEGORY:      Imaging
EXCLUSIVITY:  This includes sensitized products i.e. film,
cameras, batteries, photographic paper and chemicals, motion
picture film, graphic arts products, micro-film products,
electronic still-imaging and medical x-ray film.
     IN-KIND      Kodak is responsible for operating the photo
     SERVICES:processing film lab, which services photo
journalists covering the Games.  They will process all their film
free of charge as well as replace the journalists' used rolls
with new rolls of Kodak film.  Approx. 175-180,000 rolls will be
used by photo journalists.  Also, about 200,000 photo I.D. badges
worn by athletes, official and Olympic family will be produced by
Kodak's EditCon division.  Kodak will also provide EKTASCAN
imaging, which allows for remote diagnosis of x-rays for on-field
     ON SITE        Kodak's Atlanta presence was established
     PRESENCE: in '91 with an extensive billboard visibility
campaign in and around the city.  Kodak assumed good positions
would be scarce as '96 approached.  They will have a presence at
the Centennial Olympic Park with a retail outlet and a showcase
for new digital products.  There will be a second imaging center
at an undetermined location in the area that will also showcase
their latest products.  Kodak will also work with area hotels
housing sponsored guests to provide film-processing services.
Kodak, working with ACOG, will make sure their products will be
available in over 300 locations in and around the Olympic area
including the Olympic Village.
USE OF RINGS: The Olympic rings will be used on all Kodak
products and packaging. They will also make an Olympic version of
their one-time use cameras as well as incorporate the rings on
all of their internal stationery.
NEW PROGRAMS: Internally, Kodak will entertain/host several
thousand Kodak customers/distributors/brokers at the Nikko Hotel,
as well as a handful of Kodak sales people who have won sales
incentive contests.  Kodak also signed a separate deal with U.S.
national governing bodies to enhance their Olympic program.
TV AD TIME:Has secured time with NBC for exclusive broadcast
rights and with NBC O&O's.
TOTAL BUDGET: Not available.
(Source: Rich Diggelmann, Regional Dir of Olympic Programs).