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Volume 24 No. 117
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     The Falcons moved their ad account to Austin Kelley
Advertising of Atlanta (N.Y. TIMES, 4/10)....Bolle America Inc.
has announced a long term consulting agreement with Greg LeMond.
LeMond's agreement will be for both consultation on new products
targeted to cyclists as well as for promotional endorsement
(Bolle America)....Richard Sandomir profiles the making of the
video game "Big Hurt," featuring Frank Thomas.  Acclaim
Entertainment hopes that "Big Hurt," scheduled for release in
July, "will generate the kind of sudden impact that the company's
hugely popular 'NBA Jam' game did last year" (N.Y. TIMES,
4/10)....Network Int'l, a venue advertising company that
represents more than 50 facilities, announced that it is adding
Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis in the areas of marketing and
advertising/sponsorship sales.  The Coliseum is home to the CHL
River Kings and hosts events including skating and basketball
(Network Int'l)....Under the header, "Clouds Over Disneyland,"
Bernard Weinraub examines Walt Disney Co. as it reshapes its
management (N.Y. TIMES, 4/9)....According to a report in
Cincinnati, there are only 10 cities in Streetball Partners'
"Hoop-it-Up" tour that have more than 1,000 teams entered, with
Cincinnati and Omaha the only non-NBA cities (CINCINNATI
ENQUIRER, 4/9). ....The city of Jacksonville has launched an
image campaign using the new NFL team as its centerpiece
attraction.  A full page ad runs in today's WALL STREET JOURNAL,
with the tagline: "If you're looking for the perfect place to
expand your business, you might want to get inside the NFL's
head" (WALL STREET JOURNAL, 4/10)....Sun Co., parent of the chain
Sunoco, "has quietly expanded into the esoteric market of racing
fuel.  Unlike the retail gasoline market, where producers earn
pennies a gallon, racing fuel is a specialty product that
commands a hefty premium" (PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, 4/10).