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Volume 24 No. 158

Sports Industrialists

     Eagles President HARRY GAMBLE resigned to become the NFL's
Coordinator of Football Ops and Club Relations.  Gamble will join
Jerry Seeman, Supervisor of NFL officials, in fielding complaints
from head coaches about officiating (S.A. Paolantonio,
interviewed in CRAIN's NEW YORK BUSINESS's 10th Anniversary issue
(CRAIN'S NEW YORK, 3/27). ....CHUCK DALY will offer Warriors
President ANDY DOLICH candidates for their search for a
VP/Basketball Ops, but "didn't sound ready to pursue the job"
(SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS, 3/31)....JOHN LEHR has been named
VP/Business Affairs and General Counsel of the new IHL club in
L.A. (L.A. IHL).... Hope Beckham, Inc., the Atlanta sports
marketing and media firm and owners of the Silver Bullets
announced:  DEBRA LARSON joins as team Dir of P.R.; NIRVA MILARD
is the team's new publicist; GREG COHN is the new Dir of FL
Operations;  LAWTON LOGAN is Asst Marketing Manager; MIKE KING is
the Merchandise Manager; BILLY HICKS joins Hope-Beckham as
Director of Operations for the Mediterranean Baseball League
(Hope Beckham)....BO JACKSON's guest spot in Friday's episode of
CBS' "Diagnosis Murder" was profiled on "extra" ("extra," 3/30).

     ProServ Chair & CEO DONALD DELL and President JERRY SOLOMON
announced yesterday the creation of P.S. StarGames, a joint
venture between ProServ and Solomon.  Solomon will  serve as
Presidenty & CEO of P.S. StarGames, while remaining an active
Director of ProServ.  Dell will chair the new partnership.
According to a ProServ release, P.S. StarGames will initially
focus on producing events for TV and other media technology.  The
company begins operation with properties including "Halloween on
Ice" and the "King of the Beach Invitational" volleyball event.
Dell:  "While ProServ remains fully committed to sports
representation, marketing and television business, I feel there
is an opportunity to develop greater strategic synergy between
the sports and entertainment industries in an effort to produce
exciting inventory for the ever-expanding multimedia universe."
Solomon:  "Our charter is to be on the cutting edge of where the
worlds of sports and entertainment meet" (ProServ).  The
WASHINGTON POST reports that P.S. StarGames will represent
Solomon's "most famous client," NANCY KERRIGAN, in addition to
volleyball stars KARCH KARALY and KENT STEFFES.  Dell said the
announcement "bears no resemblance" to DAVID FALK's 1992
departure from ProServ, which featured Falk building his own firm
around high-profile clients MICHAEL JORDAN and PATRICK EWING.
Dell acknowledged that Solomon "had no equity stake in ProServ,
and that Solomon and an investor group will own half of the new
venture.  ProServ will own the other half."  Dell, on Solomon:
"He's my partner now" (Paul Farhi, WASHINGTON POST, 3/31).

     In a short statement, MIKE TYSON announced his decision to
remain with promoter DON KING, a multi-year agreement with
Showtime Networks, and a six-fight, 2 1/2 year contract with MGM
Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.  A following is a summary of the
coverage of yesterday's announcement (Mult., 3/31):
     BIG DEAL:  The package deal with Showtime and MGM Grand
could be worth $150M to King and Tyson.  His first fight could
come in August or September (Gerald Eskenazi, N.Y. TIMES, 3/31).
LARRY WOOLF, Chair of the MGM Grand Hotel, from CNBC's "Business
Insiders":  "Having Mike Tyson fight here for 2 1/2 years 6
fights, is going to be a major boon to Las Vegas, and a major
boon to the MGM."  Thomas Ulmstead, Senior Editor of MULTICHANNEL
NEWS, said Tyson's deal with Showtime, "basically leaves HBO on
the sidelines looking in" (CNBC, 3/30).  In New York, Bob
Raismann calls King's decision to keep Tyson with Showtime
without entertaining other offers, "surprising."  Raismann:
"Sources said Time Warner was prepared to bid $100 million more
than Showtime" (N.Y. DAILY NEWS, 3/31).  Tyson's decision "was a
stunning KO for Showtime that left boxing rival HBO climbing
slowly off the canvas," according to Steve Zipay of NEWSDAY.  It
will "immediately boosts Showtime's profile, which had been
slipping."  HBO execs were "upset, not only because they were not
given a chance to bid," but because they felt they had more
"resources and experiences to offer."  One cable exec: "HBO has
more subscribers, but pay per view is where the money is.  And
(Showtime Event Television) Pay Per View is more powerful in
marketing and distribution and exhibiting than TKVO (HBO's PPV
arm)" (N.Y. NEWSDAY, 3/31).
     LONG LIVE THE KING:  In staying with King, Tyson "shocked
many people in the boxing world."  King's rivals "underestimated
the hold" he has on Tyson.  King's presence was "underscored"
when "virtually everyone in Muslim garb at the news conference
was asked to leave" (Gerald Eskenazi, N.Y. TIMES, 3/31).  Wallace
Matthews writes rumors of King's dismissal may have been "an
orchestrated campaign to dupe the media and rival promoters"
(N.Y. POST, 3/31).