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Volume 24 No. 113

Facilities Venues

     Dallas-based legislators are split over how to fund a
proposed $141M sports arena.  A majority of them agree that a
facility should be built downtown for the Mavericks and Stars,
but some lawmakers are not prepared to support pending
legislation that would impose new fees or taxes "on users of the
new facility and others."  There is also some sentiment that
Dallas residents should have a vote on a new facility (Sylvia
Martinez, DALLAS MORNING NEWS, 3/31).

     Brendan Byrne Arena, located alongside Giants Stadium, will
host next year's Final Four.  The arena attracted the Devils and
the Nets soon after it was built.  However, there has been recent
speculation that the devils could move.  The arena is owned an
operated by the NJ Sports and Exposition Authority, which doesn't
allow each team the greatest opportunity for arena revenues.
ARENA:         Brendan Byrne Arena, E. Rutherford, NJ
TENANTS:       NJ Nets, NJ Devils
AGE:           Opened in 1981
OWNERSHIP:     Owned and operated by the NJ Sports and Exposition
               Authority (NJSEA), an independent agency with 13
               commissioners, 9 appointed by the governor.
MANAGEMENT:    Managed by NJSEA, along with Giants Stadium, the
               Meadowlands race track and other sports facilities
COST:          Approximately $85M to build.  Paid for through
               bonds issued by the NJSEA.
CAPACITY:      20,149 for basketball, 19,023 for hockey.
LUXURY SEATS:  29 suites that seat 20-30.   The NJSEA is the
               primary beneficiary of luxury box revenue.
NAMING RIGHTS: The sale of naming rights has been considered and
remains a possibility, although there are no plans
CONCESSIONS:   Managed by ARAMARK.  Included inside the facility:
               a restaurant, and 15+ concessions stands.
ADVERTISING:   The Nets and Devils are responsible for signage
               unique to their gameday operations, from which
               they receive revenue.  The NJSEA is responsible
for a majority of the signage throughout the facility.  Revenue
figures not available for remaining     advertising.
PARKING:       4,000 in immediate vicinity, additional 22,000
               across route 120.  Revenue figures not disclosed.
GAME-DAY:      NJSEA is responsible.
LEASE:         Devils through 2001-2; Nets until 2000-01.
RENT:          Figures not available.
(Source: John Samerjan, Dir of Public Affairs for the Byrne
Meadowlands Arena)