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Volume 24 No. 117

Facilities Venues

     Blockbuster decided on Friday to sell 1,600 acres it had
planned for a mega-sports and entertainment center.  Blockbuster
Entertainment is also asking for the legislature to "dissolve the
special district it created for the mammoth project once
envisioned" by Chair Wayne Huizenga.  With the decision to sell
the land, the idea of Blockbuster Park "is now officially dead"
(Cindy Goodman, MIAMI HERALD, 3/25).

     The plans for a new arena in downtown DC has created
controversy among local Chinatown merchants.  The arena proposal
calls for a block-long 80-foot high blank wall along H Street,
NW.  Alfred Liu, a member of the Mayor's Task Force on Arena
Planning and Design, said the design "seems quite cold and cruel
to Chinatown.  It's really insulting."  Liu said there are some
major flaws in the arena's new design, including a lack of
entrances and exits on the Chinatown side of the arena, the large
amount of retail space would compete with Chinatown food and
retail businesses, and a lack of on-site parking (Thomas Hall,