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     BMW and ACOG announced an agreement designating BMW as an
official international automobile sponsor of the '96 Games and of
the USOC.  The agreement covers cars, motorcycles and mountain-
style bicycles.  BMW sedans and coupes will be used to provide
transportation for Olympic officials and dignitaries during the
Games.  BMW motorcycles will be used as marshall vehicles for
Olympic competitions and events held on public streets and roads
in and around Atlanta.  The mountain bikes will be used primarily
as recreational transportation by athletes in and around the
Olympic Village.  BMW's commitment is made up of both cash and
value-in-kind support.  Victor Doolan, BMW President/ U.S. Sales
and Marketing:  "During the next year and a half, BMW will use
its association with the 1996 Olympic Games in advertising and
promotional materials at BMW dealerships.  Most importantly, BMW
will utilize the Olympic platform to launch an all-new automobile
in 1996.  This will be an automobile that is ideally suited for
the Olympic Games, in character as well as performance
capabilities" (BMW/ACOG/ USOC).  BMW spokesperson Rich Brooks
confirmed that they paid between $10-20M.  BMW has exlcusivity
for the three categories (THE DAILY).  BMW will hire Advantage
Int'l to manage its Olympics program (N.Y. TIMES, 3/16).