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Volume 24 No. 156

Facilities Venues

     FleetCenter will be the new name for the new Boston Garden,
according to this morning's BOSTON GLOBE.  Fleet CEO Terrence
Murray confirmed the choice in advance of today's news
conference.  Fleet obtained the $30M naming rights to the
building when it agreed to acquire Shawmut Bank.  Murray:
"Personally,I have great feelings and memories of the Boston
Garden. ... But Fleet [which plans to move its HQs to Boston] is
bringing an $80 billion institution to Boston, and we feel it is
important to show the people of Boston and New England that we
have a long-term commitment to the community."  New Boston Garden
Corp. President Larry Moulter:  "When the Garden closes, the
memories go with it. It's time to move on and create new
memories. ... Without the $30 million for the naming rights, this
building would not be in the process of becoming a reality."
FleetCenter is scheduled to open this Fall (BOSTON GLOBE, 3/16).
Buckley said that the team is "willing to work as co-developer of
a convention center and baseball park complex in Boston."
Previously, the 13-member commission reviewing convention center
needs in the city "has so far focused mainly on whether a
football stadium should be included."  Buckley:  "We really want
to be involved with anyone trying to tie together planning around
a convention center, the central artery, other infrastructure and
the Patriots" (Phil Primack, BOSTON HERALD, 3/15).