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Volume 24 No. 112
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     The city of Cincinnati, told Sunday by Bengals GM Mike Brown
that a late concession payment broke the lease between the
football team and city, blamed the situation on late payments
from the Reds.  Brown said the city did not deliver about
$168,000 of concession money by a February deadline, which city
officials blamed on a change in the payment patterns of the Reds.
City Council members were given a brief on Monday by the city
solicitor's office that disputed the Bengals claim that the lease
was violated.  Councilman Dwight Tillery: "It appears that Mike
is beginning to wage a campaign that will make him look deserving
of walking away from the city of Cincinnati."  Brown made
comments Monday that his team was a "free agent" because of the
lease problem.  Both Baltimore and St. Louis were mentioned as
possible sites for the team if they were to leave Cincinnati
(Richard Green, CINCINNATI ENQUIRER, 3/14).
     STAND BY YOUR MAN:  Brown "has the support of several NFL
owners in his clash with the city."  Patriots Owner Robert Kraft:
"We're in a similar situation.  If you can't do something about
the situation you're in you have to look elsewhere."  Broncos
Owner Pat Bowlen agreed: "The landscape is littered with cities
who have refused to accommodate teams with better facilities.
Cities have to realize stadiums are becoming a very big factor.
When a city closes its eyes, it runs the risk of losing its team"
(Geoff Hobson, CINCINNATI ENQUIRER, 3/14).  In St. Louis, FANS
Inc. spokesperson Al Kerth joked:  "We're committed to doing
everything in our power to seeing the Rams through.  What's
Mike's number?  Just kidding" (CINCINNATI ENQUIRER, 3/14).