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Volume 24 No. 156
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     Sixteen years after his retirement and "self-imposed" exile
from the NHL, BOBBY ORR hinted that he may return to the league
in some capacity (N.Y. DAILY NEWS, 2/26)....The CONTRA COSTA
TIMES and the SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS both reported this weekend
that JOE MONTANA will retire before next season.  Montana's
agent, TOM CONDON, says his client has not made a decision
(Mult., 2/26)....LAWRENCE TAYLOR is expected to announce he will
participate in Wrestlemania XI, in Hartford on April 12 (N.Y.
DAILY NEWS, 2/26)....CHARLES BARKLEY appeared on "Good Morning
America":  "I know that I'm not a Democrat because I don't think
the Democrats have done a good job at helping black people or
poor people.  So I guess the only thing left for me to be is
Republican" (ABC, 2/27)....NASCAR has announced the following:
JOHN GRIFFEN as Senior Manager of Corporate Communications, TODD
UNGER as Special Activities Manager, and JIM EUBANK as Marketing
Coordinator for the new NASCAR SuperTruck Series by Craftsmen
(NASCAR)....Liberty Sports has announced the following
appointments:  TERRY PLANELL as VP of Programming and Operations
for Prime Deportiva; RON ACOSTA as Media Relations Manager for
Prime Deportiva's national and int'l sports services (Liberty).