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Volume 24 No. 117


     ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported that the Rams do not have
the 3/4 votes from NFL owners necessary to approve a move to St.
Louis.  According to high ranking NFL officials and owners,
Mortensen said the Rams "just didn't prove their case" at the
recent owners meetings in Dallas.  Mortensen: "The initial
finding being that the poor state of the Anaheim franchise has
been exaggerated, the team has not been managed properly and the
team may just be on a money grab that has complex revenue sharing
issues."  Mortensen said the Rams may be forced to share their
"windfall" with the league in order to get approval.  If Rams
Owner Georgia Frontiere wants her "own personal fortune" out of
the deal, the league may suggest she sell her share to Stan
Kroenke, a "purchase the league would like done in a reasonable
amount of time."  If Frontiere "balks at such an arrangement,"
then  "who knows what will happen" ("SportsCenter," ESPN, 2/23).

     The Carolina Panthers will have the second highest average
ticket price in the NFL, with only the Cowboys charging more,
according to this morning's CHARLOTTE OBSERVER.  Panthers Dir of
Sales Phil Youtsey says fans can expect to pay "approximately
$40" for each game in the team's inaugural season, with prices
ranging from $19-$65 a ticket.  The figure will not include the
cost of personal seat licenses, which will not be required until
the team moves to its permanent home in Charlotte in '96.  Team
officials say the high price is necessary due to high start-up
costs, the franchise entry fee and the lack of full revenue-
sharing over the next three years.  The figures are based on a
"confidential survey" recently completed by an unnamed NFL team.
The league average for next season, according to the survey, is
expected to be just over $32 a ticket.  Next season's top four
ticket prices: Dallas ($42.50); Carolina ($40); San Francisco
($39.75) and Jacksonville ($37) (CHARLOTTE OBSERVER, 2/24).
     DOLPHINS RAISE PRICES: The Dolphins will raise their ticket
prices for '95 to an average of $32.57/seat.  Prices will
increase $2-$5 across the board except for about 3,300 seats that
will drop from $20 to $17.  This is the second consecutive year
the team has raised prices.  The team currently is 10th in the
league in average ticket prices (Armando Salguero, MIAMI HERALD,