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Volume 24 No. 155
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     Talks in the baseball labor dispute resumed in Milwaukee
yesterday "with no promises but some mention of progress."  For
the owners: Acting MLB Commissioner Bud Selig, Red Sox CEO John
Harrington and Rockies Owner Jerry McMorris.  For the players:
MLBPA Exec Dir Donald Fehr and MLBPA attorney Lauren Rich (Dale
Hoffman, MILWAUKEE SENTINEL, 2/22).  Selig reported that much of
the meeting was spent "venting" on baseball's rancorous labor
history: "Today was a catharsis for both sides" (Mike Kiley,
CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 2/22).  CNN's Nick Charles: "As predicted,
nothing dramatic happened" ("Sports Tonight," 2/21).  ESPN's Bob
Sirkin: "Tuesday's so-called 'therapy session' lasted over four
hours and ended with both sides going out to dinner -- together"
("Sports Center," ESPN, 2/21).
     LOOK FOR THE UNION LABEL:  While Teamsters officials said
they would not cross picket lines to make deliveries to MLB
stadiums this season, they expressed unhappiness with the MLBPA's
decision not to have players on the picket lines (GANNETT/USA
TODAY, 2/22).  Braves President Stan Kasten said if MLBPA General
Counsel Gene Orza does arrange for replacement picketers, "it'd
be the first person he'd gotten a job for since August" (Henry
Unger, ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 2/22).  In Washington, Michael
Wilbon notes the players' history of non-support for other
strikes:  "They want other unions to support them, but they'll
have the team bus drive them right through somebody else's picket
line at a stadium and not even step off to look their 'brothers'
in the eye" (WASHINGTON POST, 2/22).  In St. Louis, Bernie
Miklasz writes of replacement pickets:  "Let's just say that
Donald Fehr is no Cesar Chavez" (ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH, 2/22).
     CANADIAN AD MARKET DRIES UP:  Media buyers estimate that
Canadian broadcasters could be out as much as C$100M in ad
revenue if the season starts with replacements.  For example,
Bell Canada will put baseball advertising "on hold" until the
regular players return.  Labatt, which has ownership in the
SkyDome and Blue Jays, will also refrain from advertising on
replacement games.  As for broadcasters, Baton Broadcasting,
which carries about 60 of 145 Blue Jays and Expos TV games, will
probably not carry replacement games.  TSN is also expected to
pass on replacement baseball (Marina Strauss, Toronto GLOBE &
MAIL, 2/22).
     CONGRESSIONAL STATS:  USA TODAY surveyed the members of the
Senate Judiciary Committee on their positions on the Hatch-
Moynihan bill, which would lift baseball's antitrust exemption in
labor matters.  SUPPORTERS:  Hatch (R-UT), Thurmond (R-SC), Leahy
(D-VT).  OPPOSED:  Specter (R-PA), Simon (D-IL), Feinstein (D-
CA), Heflin (D-AL).  UNDECIDED:  Brown (R-CO), Grassley (R-IA),
DeWine (R-OH), Kyl (R-AZ), Thompson (R-TN), Abraham (R-MI),
Feingold (D-WI).  OTHERS:  Simpson (R-WY) supports repeal, but
not during the strike. Biden (D-DE) wants to examine all sports,
not just baseball.  Kennedy (D-MA) voted against the bill last
June but supports mandatory binding arbitration.  Kohl (D-WI) has
recused himself because of his relationship with Bud Selig and
his position as owner of the NBA Bucks (USA TODAY, 2/22).