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Volume 24 No. 156
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     PEPSI: Pepsi is broadening its ad presence on network cable
"with first time ad schedules" on E! Entertainment, Sci-Fi
Channel, USA Network, and BET.  A Pepsi spokesperson confirmed
that company is "expanding our use of cable. ... We think it
improves our chances of channel surfers seeing our advertising"
(Jane Weaver, COWLES BUSINESS MEDIA, 2/17).
     COCA-COLA: Coca-Cola has introduced new packaging and lower
prices for its fruit drink, Hi-C.  It has also tripled its ad
budget to $20M to boost slow sales.  Hi-C sales dropped 2.8% to
$187M last year.  A new slogan, developed by Lowe and
Partner/SMS:  "Drink plenty of Hi-C now, while there's still
time" (Chris Roush, ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 2/17).  For the 33rd
year in a row, Coca-Cola Co.'s board of directors increased its
quarterly dividend, this year's increase is up 13% to .22 cents a
     ANHEUSER-BUSCH:  Jerry Ritter, Anheuser-Busch Chief
Financial and Administrative Officer, predicts rising sales for
A-B beers in the U.S. and abroad this year.  Ritter said A-B
officials expect volume growth of 2% or more, "vigorous by beer
industry standards" (ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH, 2/17).
     WINE COUNTRY:  The NHL "was so impressed" with the May 1994
sales of S.J. Sharkie's Chardonnay, a Napa Valley wine that
Joseph George Distributors labeled with a San Jose Sharks' logo,
that the league commissioned 12,000 bottles be labeled for the
canceled-'95 All-Star Game.  George now hopes to sell the wine as
a collector's item for $7.99 a bottle (Joyce Gemperlein, SAN JOSE