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     According to an NHL source, four teams have submitted a
request for changes in their jerseys and logos.  Three are
believed to be the Bruins, Nordiques and Islanders.  The Bruins
want to modernize their spoked "B" logo for the opening of the
Shawmut Center, next season.  Quebec was rumored to be switching
its colors to navy blue and silver, and changing their logo from
the "N-igloo" to either a polar bear or wolf.  And according to
team sources, the Islanders will "lose the Long Island crest in
favor of an 'Islander' type character, right now a fisherman in a
boat holding a hockey stick for a fishing pole."  The team is
also rumored to be changing their colors from navy blue and
orange to what they call "Atlantic blue and seafoam" (AP/ST.
LOUIS POST-DISPATCH, 1/29).  NHL VP/Corporate Communications
Bernadette Mansur said of the Bruins:  "At this point, there
hasn't been a design submitted that is stronger than the one
currently in use."  But Kevin Paul Dupont writes that if there is
no new logo next year, the backlog of inventory will be the most
likely reason (BOSTON GLOBE, 1/29).