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Volume 24 No. 156
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     The results of a poll conducted by Peter Hart Research for
the Orioles surveyed 500 of the club's "most ardent -- and
financially committed -- customers."  On the use of replacements,
80% OPPOSE, 16% FAVOR.  Replacement baseball as "major league
baseball":  88% WOULD NOT CONSIDER it "major league baseball,"
10% WOULD.  On the team's decision not to use replacement:  82%
FAVOR, 13% OPPOSE.  Asked whether they would have interest in
replacement baseball, 42% said they WOULD, 27% said "VERY
LITTLE," 20% "JUST SOME," 7% "QUITE A BIT," and 3% A "GREAT
DEAL."  On feelings toward MLB if replacements are used, 47%
would be "MUCH MORE NEGATIVE," 26% would be MORE NEGATIVE, 21%
would have NO CHANGE, and 4% would be MORE POSITIVE (Baltimore
SUN, 1/29).    REACTION:  Not only does the poll "firm" Orioles
Owner Peter Angelos' position that Baltimore fans are against the
replacement concept, "but it also may provide some ammunition if
the Orioles are forced to defend that position in a court action
against Major League Baseball."  The latest MLB poll results "are
expected to be released by the commissioner's office" today.  MLB
spokesperson Rich Levin notes:  "Our polls and all of the polls
we've seen contradict the Orioles' poll."  Orioles Owner Peter
Angelos: "What's significant about our poll is that it is season-
ticket holders.  They are the financial foundation of every
major-league franchise.  I would hope that it would alert owners
all over to the very negative consequences of using unqualified
players" (Peter Schmuck, Baltimore SUN, 1/29).