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Volume 24 No. 156


     ACOG President Billy Payne said ACOG has spent more than it
has taken in, "forcing it to dip into its $200M line of credit
provided by game sponsor NationsBank."  A report in this
morning's ATLANTA CONSTITUTION said ACOG has spent $356M on
salaries, professional services, construction and other
operational costs, and has raised $248.4M in revenues as of
December '94.  Payne said he is "confident" AGOG will meet its
$1.58M revenue goal, largely through the sale of tickets.  AGOG
has borrowed $30M, but Payne said that figure was "much less than
we anticipated" (Lyle Harris, ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 1/27).  A
report in today's N.Y. TIMES reports on "crack in Atlanta's
united front on Games," as two members of ACOG's say they "had
not been informed enough about planning nor given an opportunity
to vote on issues that affect the Games" (Jerry Schwartz, N.Y.
TIMES, 1/27).
     SUPER SIGNS:  The WALL STREET JOURNAL rexamines the 25
eight-story billboads -- the "Godzilla of all signs" (Robert