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     Yesterday the Rams announced an agreement to move to St.Louis after playing in Southern California for 49 years. RamsOwner Georgia Frontiere said she could not turn down the dealoffered by the city of St. Louis, which included an unprecedentedfinancial commitment to the team.  Today, THE SPORTS BUSINESSDAILY continues to profile the NFL's infrastructure by comparingsections of the Rams deal in St. Louis with their lease atAnaheim.
Anaheim Stadium,
St. Louis Football Stadium (SLFS)
AGE: Anaheim built in 1966,
SLFS to be completed 10/95
OWNERSHIP: Both operated by the cities.
COST: Anaheim cost $20M for construction and land.
SLFS $266M — paid by state, county & city bonds.
CAPACITY: 70,500 for Anaheim, 70,000 in St. Louis
LUXURY SEATS: Anaheim has 108 luxury boxes, operated by Rams. SLFS 100 suites & 6250 club seats.
CONCESSIONS: Anaheim: Ogden Services — revenue split 50/50 between city and team.
St. Louis: No contract completed. Rams to receive large % of concession sales.
PARKING: Anaheim: 16,106 spots at $6, Rams split parking 50/50 with city.
St. Louis: Handled by the city — Rams will receive large % of revenue.
MAINTENANCE: Anaheim: City handles maintenance on the facility.
St. Louis: Not available.
ADVERTISING: Rams get 25%, City 25%. MLB Angels receive undisclosed % of ad revenue.
St. Louis: Not Available — naming rights owned by St.Louis Sports Authority.
LEASE: Anaheim: team exercised escape option at the end this year.
St. Louis: Rams signed 30 – year lease.
RENT: Anaheim: $1.8M — 10th highest in league. St. Louis: $250,000 – 5th lowest in the league.

(Sources: Michael Myers, Anaheim Stadium, FANS, Inc. St. Louis,rent figure from Florida Times Union article July 24, 1994).