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     In a meeting with WASHINGTON POST reporters, acting MLB
Commissioner Bud Selig said that he expects each of the 28 clubs
to field a replacement team for the '95 season -- that includes
both the Orioles and Blue Jays.  MLB General Counsel Chuck
O'Connor:  "We have a problem in Toronto that is not just legal -
- the question of Labatt's being comfortable with using a so-
called loophole ... [that] might be viewed as an affront by the
Canadian people."  Selig and several owners were in Washington
this week to meet with members of Congress as well as Labor
Secretary Robert Reich.  Over the past two days, owners have met
with 35 members of Congress, including House Speaker Newt
Gingrich, Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole and Senate Judiciary
Chair Orrin Hatch (Mark Maske, WASHINGTON POST, 1/12).
     NHL EFFECTS:  MLBPA General Counsel Gene Orza: "The biggest
benefit of the hockey settlement is I no longer have to hear
[Rockies Owner] Jerry McMorris and Bud Selig give me the ultimate
non sequitur of these negotiations:  'We want a salary cap and
you'll notice the only sports playing have salary caps.'"  MLBPA
Exec Dir Don Fehr noted that the NHL did not implement its own
system: "I think clearly because they're covered by the antitrust
laws and they didn't think they could get away with it."  But
MLB's O'Connor countered: "I believe it's incorrect to hold that
the clubs could not implement the salary cap proposal if the
antitrust laws applied to baseball" (Murray Chass, N.Y. TIMES,
     THE SEARCH FOR PLAYERS:  Red Sox CEO John Harrington said
the clubs' operations committee has compiled a list of 800
players who were active in the major or minor leagues within the
past 18 months, but are not with any organization now (Mark
Maske, WASHINGTON POST, 1/12).  Because the union had its strike
certified, the Immigration and Naturalization Service will not
grant a visa required of any foreign player signed to a major
league contract -- even if he will not be used as a replacement
(Rod Beaton, USA TODAY, 1/12).
     A WORD OF WARNING:  Red Sox Danny Darwin said that he is
"among a growing number of players who will be closely watching
for signs of loyalty" from coaches, managers and trainers, "all
of whom pay union dues and collect licensing money" (Nick
Cafardo, BOSTON GLOBE, 1/11).