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Volume 24 No. 159

Collegiate Sports

     Officials representing the Pac-10, Western Athletic, and Big
12 conferences have sent their contracts back to the Mobil Cotton
Bowl over a disagreement about Notre Dame's participation in
future games.  The three conferences, who will provide team in a
"parlay for the Cotton and Thrifty Car Rental Holiday Bowls," are
concerned about the deal for fear that one of their teams could
be "displaced by a mediocre Notre Dame team in the Cotton Bowl,
which is more lucrative and prestigious than the Holiday Bowl"
(Steve Richardson, DALLAS MORNING NEWS, 1/7).

     The NCAA yesterday agreed to raise academic standards for
incoming student-athletes, and refused to grant a fourth year of
eligibility to those sidelined by the tougher rules.  However,
the delegates did vote to lower the minimum standardized test
score for incoming freshmen to no lower than 600 in order to
qualify for an athletic scholarship.  The new standards will also
require incoming freshmen to have at least a 2.0 GPA in 13 core
courses instead of 11, and, by '96, freshman eligiblity will be
decided by an "indexed scale that was approved three years ago."
Judith Albino, Chair of the NCAA Presidents Commission:  "What we
have done is reaffirm the new higher standards" (J.A. Adande,