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Volume 24 No. 159


     ACOG officials today will give the IOC executive board a
report on the status of the '96 games.  Many delegates and IOC
officials have expressed their pleasure with the city's effort
during their week-long stay.  IOC Director General Francois
Carrard: "Things are getting into place and we are quite
impressed by the excellent work done" (Athelia Knight, WASHINGTON
POST, 12/16).  Swaziland Olympic and Commonwealth Games
Association president David Sikhulumi Sibandze says his
impressions of ACOG's preparation have been "wonderful": "It's as
if they are ready to hold the Games next July instead of in 1996"
(Ben Brown, USA TODAY, 12/16).
     MONEY QUESTIONS:  ACOG President and CEO Billy Payne
"insisted" he and organizers know where 90% of the $1.6B tab for
the games will come from.  Payne: "We have to raise the other 10%
and we will" (Ben Brown, USA TODAY, 12/16).
     DROP ANCHOR?  International Yacht Racing Union President
Paul Henderson is optimistic Savannah will remain the site for
Yachting events.  Henderson toured the proposed site Thursday
with IOC officials and will present a proposal to ACOG tomorrow
     OPENING THEMES:  Payne said a draft of the initial plans for
the opening ceremony has it split into three thematic parts: an
introduction to the South and Atlanta, a celebration of the 100th
anniversary of the Games, and youth cooperation and friendship
     SOCCER FINAL ON TV:  FIFA has approved an ACOG Plan to move
up the starting time of the men's soccer final to accommodate
NBC.  The game will start at 3:30pm on August 3, allowing a full
90-minute match plus overtime to fit into NBC's daytime slot.
Soccer was shown in portions in Barcelona, but a full game has
never been shown to U.S. audiences (Doug Cress, ATLANTA

     The operating costs of the '98 Winter Games in Nagano are
likely to rise, said the Nagano Winter Olympic Games Organizing
Commitee (NAOC).  Original estimates put the cost at 760B Yen
(approx. $7.6B).  NAOC Secretary General Makoto Kobayashi said
his group has "no intention" of depending on the government for
support: "While we at the NAOC got off to a good start in
television deal negotiations, we will have a lot of work cut out
for us in our marketing activities (to meet the cost increase)."
CBS signed a $375M deal to televise the games last June (KYODO