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Volume 24 No. 115

Sports Media

     Sports Illustrated Television announced it will make its
sports programming available for the syndication market.  SITV
signed up Raycom, Inc. a national events, marketing and
syndication company, to represent them in all aspects of sales
and distribution of four specials to be released.  The four
properties available for syndication will be SI's '94 and '95
Swimsuit Specials and the "Year In Sports 1995," which will air
for the first time in first-run syndication next December, and
the magazine's 40th Anniversary special, "40 For The Ages."  SITV
President Ted Shaker: "Raycom is a fabulous partner for SITV
because of its dominant presence in the televising of college
football and basketball and its strong schedule of major sports
events."  Shaker added that SITV "will create a variety of
programming in the coming months and years and hope to offer a
broad range of programs for off-network and first-run syndication
in the future."  Raycom CEO Rick Ray said the influence of the
Sports Illustrated brand name "will make for some compelling
consumer properties" (SITV).

     Nicholas Niles, 51, President of THE SPORTING NEWS
Publishing Co. was named to the additional role of President, CEO
and Publisher of GOLF MAGAZINE Properties last week.  Niles
oversaw a "major upturn" at THE SPORTING NEWS this year, as ad
pages jumped 31% through October, despite two sports not playing.
Niles:  "We don't have to fix GOLF MAGAZINE.  It is a terrific
property that has been gaining market share."  Through October,
the magazine's ad pages were up 6.4%.  But the appointment of
Niles to GOLF MAGAZINE was questioned by some in the industry.
BUSINESS WEEK publisher David Ferm, formerly of GOLF DIGEST: "I
think the Sporting News job and the Golf Magazine job are two
separate jobs and they deserve separate leaders" (Keith Kelly,
ADVERTISING AGE, 12/12 issue).