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Volume 24 No. 133

Sports Industrialists

     JAY BURZON was named VP/Sales at INSIDE SPORTS.  Burzon was
VP Sales at Hachette Filipacchi Magazine (AD AGE, 12/12
issue)....CBS' Olympic coordinating producer MIKE PEARL is a
"target" of Turner Sports after DON MCGUIRE resigns as Senior
VP/Production on January 20....Ex-Georgetown basketball star
MICHAEL JACKSON will be assistant to Turner Sports President
HARVEY SCHILLER (Rudy Martzke, USA TODAY, 12/13)....WLS-TV-
Chicago has hired MARK GIANGRECO from rival WMAQ to be sports
director and sports anchor for its 5pm and 10pm newscasts
(ELECTRONIC MEDIA, 12/12 issue).

     Speedskater BONNIE BLAIR is expected to be announced as
SPORTS ILLUSTRATED "Sportswoman of the Year."  Speedskater JOHANN
OLAV KOSS of Norway is expected to be named "Sportsman of the
Year" (CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 12/13)....JOHN DALY will return to the
PGA Tour for the Mercedes Championships on January 5-8.  He has
not played on the Tour since August 28 (USA TODAY, 12/13)....BOB
COSTAS on the strike in baseball: "Historically, the owners have
screwed everything up."  But Costas says of the players: "They're
lavishly compensated.  They seem to have little perspective about
how fortunate they are.  And they, half they time, seem
resentful" (Milton Kent, Baltimore SUN, 12/13).... WORKING WOMAN
rated the 20 highest paid women at U.S. corporations.  2. SHERRY
LANSING, Chair at Paramount Pictures, $3M  7. LUCIE SALHANY,
Former Chair Fox Broadcasting, $1.5M (WORKING WOMAN, 1/95
issue)....Senior VP/CBS Broadcast group, NEIL PILSON will be
awarded the Olympic Order, the highest honor given by the IOC's
Council of the Olympic Order for outstanding service to the
Olympic cause (CBS)....On "Good Morning America," ABC's TIM
MCCARVER discussed the sports memorabilia industry with ED
SCHAUDER, President of Championship Marketing Group, and TUG
MCGRAW, and Chairman of Major League Baseball Players Alumni
Marketing.  Schauder:  "The industry itself is a great industry
and wonderful hobby, but what winds up happening though is the
temptation is great and unscrupulous people enter the scene and
creat a lot of problems."  McGraw:  "At the top end where cards
are produced and traded like commodities, it's also a little bit
shady -- but I think it's more regulated there because of
licensing through baseball properties and the player's
association.  But as a whole, the industry does need to be
tightened up and buttoned up and regulated to some extent" (ABC,
12/13).... KRISTI YAMAGUCHI appeared on "Today" to promote the
Discover "Stars On Ice" tour.  She cited recent Olympics for
giving the sport a boost:  "[There are] a lot of new names coming
out of that -- names people want to see on TV.  So these
competitions are a perfect way to bring excitement and the
skaters to the audience" (NBC, 12/13).