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Volume 24 No. 159

Sports Industrialists

     The latest issue of BUSINESS WEEK examines the "tumult"
surrounding FRAN TARKENTON's tenure as CEO of KnowledgeWare Inc.
-- an Atlanta-based software company.  The company faces a class-
action suit from shareholders who allege that it "concocted
financial results to lift its stock price to ensure a merger"
(BUSINESS WEEK, 12/19)....HAKEEM OLAJUWON is being sued by A.M.
Good Enterprises for allegedly taking over the "Hakeem the Dream
Fan Team" and cheating the business out of tens of thousands of
dollars" (HOUSTON POST/N.Y. TIMES, 12/11)....Retiring Senate
Majority Leader GEORGE MITCHELL, floated as a possible to become
MLB commissioner, married sports marketing manager HEATHER
MACLACHLAN on Saturday.  MacLachlan will be leaving T-V
Enterprises at the end of the year (WASHINGTON POST, 12/10).