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Volume 24 No. 156
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     The first detailed preview of the new baseball stadium being
built for the Olympics shows seats beyond the dugouts, "which
traditionally have been the worst because they face the outfield,
will be angled 10 degrees.  Fans in these areas won't have to
crane their necks to focus on infield action."  The overhang from
each level of seating is minimized, "so fans have unobstructed
views of fly balls."  And fans accustomed to Atlanta-Fulton
County Stadium "are in for a big surpise."  Those who sit at
field level -- which is where most of the 49,800 seats are --
"will have to pay closer attention to the games or risk getting
popped by a foul ball."  The stadium is scheduled to open in '97,
after reconstruction from an 85,000-seat track-and-field stadium
for the Olympics.  The new stadium will have 52 skyboxes, each
with 12-16 seats.  A stadium club in left field will have 400
seats and 200 more in an adjoining bar.  There will also be 6,000
club level seats (Michelle Hiskey, ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 11/29).