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Volume 24 No. 158

Sports Media

     In Dallas, Barry Horn questions whether the candy wrapper on
the field that Fox's John Madden clearly identified as a Snickers
wrapper four times was actually blown from the stands.  Snickers
is a major Fox sponsor.  In other news, Horn also notes the
influx of figure skating on TV and says (with tongue-in-cheek?)
to expect Fox to announce "its own figure skating tour any day
now" (DALLAS MORNING NEWS, 11/22).....Beginning January 2, ABC
Radio along with BUSINESS WEEK will begin broadcasting the 60-
second "Business Week Business Reports," hourly during Monday
through Friday morning and afternoon drive times.  The reports
will be delivered from the editorial offices of BUSINESS WEEK by
its broadcaster, Ray Hoffman and from ABC Radio Networks by ABC's
Gary Nunn (COWLES BUSINESS MEDIA, 11/22).... Continental
Cablevision Corp. said yesterday that it has agreed to buy the
cable systems owned by the Providence Journal Co. in a deal
valued at $1.4B.  Continental, the nation's No. 3 cable company,
is now privately held, but will become a public company as a
result of the transaction (N.Y. TIMES, 11/23).

     In Washington, Paul Farhi notes that CBS, ABC and NBC have
"all but declared war" on Fox.  Farhi notes the many motions
filed with the FCC by NBC asking them to look into Fox's various
acquisitions of local TV stations.  This week, NBC broadened its
campaign, "requesting that the government deny Fox the right to
buy TV stations in Philadelphia and Boston outright."  The Big
Three, in general, have questioned the amount of foreign
investment behind Fox's purchases (WASHINGTON POST, 11/23).
Smith Barney media analyst John Reidy:  "CBS has some tough holes
to fill -- even after this deal" ("NBR," PBS, 11/22).