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Volume 24 No. 155

Sponsorships Advertising Marketing

     Warner Bros. has been "quietly developing an animated/ live-
action full-length feature film" to star Michael Jordan and its
Looney Tunes characters.  The film is being referred to
internally as the "Hare Jordan" project.  If all goes as planned,
the film will be the first animated project to be produced by
Warner Bros "which has been gearing up its animation unit over
the past year."  The '92 Nike TV ad campaign was called "Hare
Jordan."  It featured Jordan interacting with Bugs Bunny (DAILY
VARIETY, 11/22).

     The Cowboys will debut a new "double star" jersey for the
Thanksgiving Day game against the Packers.  Developed with NFL
Properties, the jersey will not replace the team's traditional
uniform, but will be used for special event games such as Kickoff
Weekend, Thanksgiving Day, Monday Night Football, and playoff
games.  The new Cowboys jersey will feature the team's stars on
each shoulder, blue sleeves, the player's number in silver, and -
- in an NFL first -- the team logo will be added directly above
the numbers on the front of the jersey.  Numbering on the front
and back will be blocked by a blue and white border.  Jerry
Jones, Cowboys owner and GM:  "We felt it was the right time for
an NFL team to give its fans a fresh look while not moving away
from its traditional uniform."  Sara Levinson, President of NFL
Properties:  "We expect other NFL teams to develop additional
uniforms for the future" (NFL).

     Retailers around the country are bracing for this coming
Friday, traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year.  But
with hockey and baseball both out of work today, the leagues,
licensees and retailers in the sports industry face unique
challenges selling goods to fans who have been denied the product
they love most -- the games.  Over the last few days, THE SPORTS
BUSINESS DAILY surveyed league and licensed apparel executives
about their predictions for this holiday season.  Highlights of
our conversations follow:
     NFL PROPERTIES:  Brian McCarthy, Manager of Corporate
Communications:  "We think Santa's bag is probably going to be
full of NFL licensed merchandise.  This season has shown that the
NFL has become, and is, the dominant league in terms of fan
interest, fan participation, and also back on track in sales of
licensed products."  According to McCarthy, the NFL traditionally
has a strong 4th quarter and is looking for the Pro-Line
authentic apparel to move well this year:  "With the excitement
of the playoffs coming up, you can spend your whole Christmas
season, from the end of December to the end of January wearing
the product that you got on Christmas."  Asked about the work
stoppages in other sports, McCarthy was reluctant to predict
benefits for the NFL beyond the short-term: "We are all in the
same business, and for us to be successful over the long term we
need retailers to be excited about licensed products as a whole."
     NBA PROPERTIES:  Jon Stern, Manager of Marketing
Communications:  "We are really excited about the upcoming
holiday season.  Traditionally, the NBA doesn't run a lot of 4th
quarter promotions, but right now we are doing some regional work
with Sears and Target, as well as some national promotions with
Foot-Locker and Champs."  One consistent seller for the NBA is
the Champion replica jersey, and with the emergence of star
rookies such as Jason Kidd and Grant Hill, the league "expects
some good things out of their replicas."  On the work stoppages:
"We all feel that we are in this together, and if someone comes
to a retailer to buy products from one league, we think that
there is a good chance that they will wander over to another area
and buy another product from another league."
     MLB PROPERTIES:  Retail Manager Elliot Runyon said that,
despite the strike, Major League Baseball believes it has not
lost its fan base and predicted that frustrated fans will come
back.  Although summer is traditionally baseball's strongest
period, he said "the end of the fourth quarter has always been a
nice peak in the valley."  Baseball's biggest push this quarter
will be with The Diamond Collection -- authentic jerseys, hats
and dugout jackets.  The league will also offer its "Fan
Appreciation" gifts (special offers designed to thank fans for
tolerating the work stoppage), minor league apparel, and Negro
League merchandise.
     NHL PROPERTIES:  NHL Dir. of Communications Mary Clarke
acknowledged that the work stoppage will clearly affect the sale
of NHL goods: "Unfortunately, because of our current labor
situation, I must say we are not doing anything special for the
season.  What we are trying to do is keep all of our family of
retailers and licensees on board until we get an agreement with
our union."  Clarke did say, however, that apparel sales are
good, especially sales of authentic jerseys.  Clarke:  "They are
written up as the next hottest sports fashion item, beyond the
baseball hat."      THE PRO IMAGE:  Tom Haraldsen, Dir of Public
Relations:  "November and December account for, anywhere between
30-40% of the product that we sell in a given year, so the
holidays are very critical for us....Fortunately, both the NBA
and the NFL are playing."  On baseball, Haraldsen noted a "wait-
and-see attitude" among both retailers and consumers:  "I don't
expect Major League Baseball sales are going to be real strong at
Christmas time this year." Haraldsen called hockey "up and
coming" and noted that NHL sales have not been affected
drastically:  "The hottest selling items in our stores have been
NHL replica jerseys, and they are still being purchased," even
though the league is not playing.
     STARTER:  Ian Gomar, VP of Marketing:  "We expect our sales
of authentic gear and replica products to be very buoyant."
Gomar said Starter is obviously disappointed about the work
stoppages:  "We had a great opportunity and season finale for
[MLB]. ... And although we are still selling NHL hockey
merchandise, we believe with the games being played, the volume
would be at a higher level."
     LOGO 7:  Eddie White, Dir of Public Relations:  "It will be
a good holiday season for the NFL and for Logo Athletics.  Our
research shows that our 'shark' designs on the hats and the
jackets are expected to move well through the season ... and,
only now are our outerwear heavyweight jackets being exposed on
the sidelines."  On hockey and baseball, White said fans and
consumers "are just thinking football," but expressed Logo 7's
interest in all getting back to work: "We want the ice to be
frozen and we want the grass to be cut, and the players to come
back and play."
     APEX ONE:  Dick Venneri, Advertising Manager: "We deal with
the Cowboys who make up 30% of all NFL licensed merchandise ...
and, the NFL business is as strong as it has ever been,
especially with the Cowboys. ... The Patriots are also selling
strong for us -- the focus on the team has been more intense and
their new logo is helping.  The 49ers are also selling well."
Venneri believes that work stoppages will not affect sales:  "If
you are a fan you will still buy the product, regardless of the
league.  Fan loyalty goes deeper than work stoppages."

     The City of Orlando and Entry Media, Inc., have signed an
agreement to bring turnstile advertising to the Orlando Arena and
the Citrus Bowl.  Entry Media is the developer and manufacturer
of "Turnstile AdSleeves" -- plastic ad casings for turnstile
arms.  According to Martin Hering, president of Entry Media, over
50 minor league baseball teams are planning to add the sleeves to
their ballparks during the upcoming season, and Network
International is currently selling turnstile ad space for their
40 facilities in the United States and Europe (Entry Media).

     Owens-Corning announced it has signed headgear contracts for
the '94/95 World Cup season with 10 top U.S. and European
Freestyle athletes as part of its continued support of Freestyle
skiing.  The athletes will sport Owens-Corning logos on their
headbands throughout the season.  The 10 skiers:  Trace
Worthington, Kristean Porter, Eric Bergoust and Ian Edmundson
from the U.S. team; and Richard Cobbing, Oksana Kutschenko,
Ljudmila Dymchenko, Elisavet Kozevnikova, Fabien Bertr and
Candice Gilg from various European teams.  Owens-Corning is a
world leader in advanced glass and composite materials.  The
company has been involved in Freestyle skiing since 1986 (Owens-

     Riddell Sports Inc. reported yesterday that it incurred a
pre-tax charge of $4.6M in the 3rdQ ended September 30, as a
result of a previously announced jury verdict of $8M rendered
against the company in a product liability suit.  According to
Riddell, before the liability charge, the company had continued
to achieve what Riddell called significant operating improvements
during the quarter.  Riddell plans to appeal the product
liability verdict.  Riddell is the world's leading manufacturer
and reconditioner of football helmets and sells helmets and
shoulder pads and other protective equipment under the Riddell
and Maxpro brands.  The company also licenses the Riddell, Maxpro
and MacGregor trademarks for use on athletic footwear, leisure
apparel and equipment (Riddell Sports).

     According to this week's AD AGE, Dole Food Co. CEO David
Murdock was present at meetings with Fox execs and World Golf
Tour organizers last week "and indicated extreme interest in
sponsorship and advertising opportunities."  Reebok Int'l would
also be interested, according to Richie Woodward, the President
of Reebok's golf division.  World Tour organizer Greg Norman has
a "lifetime endorsement deal" with Reebok (Jeff Jensen,
ADVERTISING AGE, 11/21 issue).
     DOES SIZE REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE?:  In an article in this
morning's WALL STREET JOURNAL, Stephanie Mehta reports that small
sporting goods manufacturers "have found a way to score big sales
gains in the product-promotion game," by side-stepping
"potentially budget busting tactics" and "consciously steering
clear of glitzy player endorsements."  Odyssey Sports, for
example, "began handing out hundreds of free putters to
professional golfers at senior tournaments earlier this year" --
and sales jumped significantly after Jim Albus and Tom Wargo
"started winning rounds with their free Odyssey clubs" (WALL

     "The gloves are coming off in the battle for sales of
sporting goods in Chicago and its suburbs," according to the
CHICAGO SUN-TIMES -- with Sportmart and The Sports Authority
positioned as the heavy-weight contenders.  "For the last 23
years, Niles-based Sportmart, Inc., has been the dominant chain
... but the company, considering itself the pioneer of the
sporting-goods superstore concept, faces perhaps its toughest
test from The Sports Authority."  Sportmart currently operates 17
stores in the Chicagoland area, and has plans for more -- not
just in Chicago, but in Cleveland, Columbus, and Canada.  The
Sports Authority entered the market just over two years ago, has
already opened eight stores, and plans to have 20-23 stores in
Chicago.  Jim Peters, Sportmart's Exec VP for Merchandising:
"They are a Sportmart knock-off, there's no question about it."
Arnold Sedel, Senior VP of Operations for The Sports Authority:
"Sportmart has dominated the market.  Now they're having to do
things to combat us, just as we have done things to combat them."
Sedel does admit, however, that "we really haven't come up
against a powerhouse like Sportmart" (Mary Ellen Podmolik,

     Time Warner Interactive yesterday announced the signing of
Wayne Gretzky to an exclusive 3-year multi-platform license for a
line of interactive hockey products.  Additionally, a license has
been signed with the NHLPA to provide a game with real player
names, profiles and stats.  Both licenses provide that Time
Warner Interactive develop and distribute for all arcade and
consumer systems, including upcoming CD-ROM-based platforms.
Time Warner Interactive President Dan Van Elderen: "We could not
have found better partners than Wayne Gretzky and the NHLPA for
our new line of hockey games."  Gretzky: "We not only give fans
hours of great hockey game-play, but we also reach out to new
audiences and introduce them to the sport and excitement of
professional hockey."  Time Warner Interactive's growing line of
sports games includes:  the RBI Baseball series, Payne Stewart
Pro Golf, Dick Vitale's "Awesome Baby" College Hoops and Kawasaki
Super Bike Challenge (Time Warner/NHLPA).
STREET JOURNAL reports that Nintendo Co. has reported a 16% drop
in earnings and 36% drop in sales during the fiscal first half,
ending September 30.  "Nintendo says the declines were due mainly
to the yen's recent strength against the dollar, which has eroded
the company's competitiveness.  But analysts here, saying the
results fell within expectations, warn they may reflect deeper
problems in the video game industry" (WALL STREET JOURNAL,