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Volume 24 No. 112

Sponsorships Advertising Marketing

     Anheuser-Busch Inc. has ended its 79-year relationship with
D'Arcy, Masius, Benton & Bowles, the ad agency that made
Budweiser "one of the most recognizable product names in the
country."  A-B announced that it was turning all of its
advertising for Budweiser over to DDB Needham, which already
handles the creative work for Bud Light and Budweiser's Ice
Draft.  It has been estimated that A-B spent $104M advertising
Budweiser last year.  The staff at D'Arcy's office in St. Louis
"was stunned by the news. ... There had been no public sign of
dissatisfaction with the agency."  Execs "refused" to say why A-B
dropped D'Arcy, but industry analysts "said two factors probably
were at work."  Budweiser is in its 6th year of moderate declines
and A-B was already using other ad agencies, so cost efficiency
may have played a part (Robert Mano, ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH,
11/15).  Other clients D'Arcy has recently signed:  Blockbuster
Entertainment, cereal maker Ramcorp., TWA and Enterprise Rent-A-
Car (AP, 11/15).  A-B's move is one of the "largest domestic ad
account changes in Madison Avenue history" (USA TODAY, 11/15).
Besides A-B leaving, Amoco put its $30M account with D'Arcy in
review last month after 40 years with the agency (WALL STREET
JOURNAL, 11/15).

     Fotoball USA yesterday reported a third quarter net loss of
$441,180.  Fotoball USA President/CEO Michael Favish: "The strike
and subsequent loss of the baseball season resulted in the loss
of between $1 million and $1.25 million in third quarter revenues
and will probably result in an additional revenue loss of
$250,000 in the fourth quarter."  Favish added that Fotoball USA
will continue to expand its focus away from the MLB and onto
areas unaffected by the strike: "We anticipate in 1995 a
continuing emphasis on football and the exploration and
development of other sports ball products" (Fotoball USA).

     Actor Bill Murray will produce and appear in TV ads in which
he announces his retirement from the entertainment industry where
"he has nothing left to prove" in order to "pursue a dream" of
playing NBA basketball.  The spots, Murray's spoof on Michael
Jordan, will run on NBC, MTV and ESPN.  The league says Murray
will not be paid for the ads.  Michael Hiestand predicts, "Good
bet:  Murray's made-for-TV odyssey will work its way into pop
culture, becoming a staple in media coverage" (USA TODAY, 11/15).
Richard Sandomir calls the Murray spots "oddly amusing, but not
exactly Orson Welles" (N.Y. TIMES, 11/15)....The Walt Disney Co.
is "keeping alive" its contract to buy more than 2,000 acres of
property near Haymarket, VA, said officials of the development
company that owns the land once slated to become a Disney theme
park (WASHINGTON POST, 11/15)....Jeff Blake t-shirts "are jumping
off the shelves, and the red-hot Bengal quarterback is being
deluged with requests to appear at everything from banquets to
bar mitzvahs."  Dave Slyby, who coordinates public appearances
for Bengal players: "I haven't seen anything like this since
Boomer (Esiason) during the Super Bowl year."  One local retailer
said he could not print Blake t-shirts fast enough (CINCINNATI
ENQUIRER, 11/15)....Korbel Champagne and Team Dennis Conner will
christen Conner's new America's Cup yacht Stars & Stripes on
November 19 in San Diego.  Korbel is supporting Team Dennis
Conner through a variety of creative marketing endeavors (Team
Dennis Conner)....Coors Light concluded its 3rd season as the
WPVA's title sponsor and fifth season overall with the women's
volleyball tour.  Other sponsors include Reebok, Foot Action,
Killer Loop by Baush & Lomb, Chevrolet, Brine Volleyballs, Naya
Water, Jag, Dupont, Gatorade and Gold's Gym (WPVA)....The PGA
Tour made a record charitable contribution of $24.7M this year to
over 900 organizations across the U.S. and Canada (PGA).

     Sears, Roebuck & Co., through its Craftsman brand of tools,
will be the sponsor of the new NASCAR SuperTruck Series for three
years, beginning with the '95 season.  The series will be known
as the NASCAR SuperTruck Series by Craftsman
(NASCAR)....Sponsorship News from Ernie Saxton:  Kodiak smokeless
tobacco has moved its Winston Cup sponsorship from Kenny
Shrader's car to Ricky Craven's car, beginning in '95.  Kodiak
will be a "major" sponsor of Craven's new team, the Larry Hedrick
entry....Dial soap, Purex Detergent and Fabric Softener, as well
as Armour Star Canned Meats (all Dial Corp. brands) will sponsor
Patty Moise for the full '95 NASCAR Busch Series Grand National
schedule.  This will be Dial Corp.'s first full season in NASCAR
racing (Ernie Saxton)....Kool-Aid soft drink mix has introduced a
two-quart sugar-sweetened package design featuring the Kool Aid
Man and Moroso Racing's NASCAR Busch Series Finalube Chevrolet.
The special Kool Aid package is available for a limited time
exclusively at Fina stations (NASCAR NEWS, 11/9-22 issue).

     Reebok and the Women's Sports Foundation announced the
creation of the "Reebok/Women's Sports Foundation Girls' Sports
Summit." The national program will offer 15 school districts the
opportunity to receive a $5,000 grant to host a full-day
conference in which top female and male athletes to discuss the
problems young women face in sports.  In addition to the summit,
each participating high school will receive a 30-minute "Girls in
Sports" videotape and a classroom discussion curriculum.  Women's
Sports Foundation Exec Dir Donna Lopiano said the summits will
focus on topics ranging from gender equity to scholarship
opportunities for girls.  Lopiano: "In recognition of the fact
that girls drop out of sports at a rate that is six times greater
than boys by the age of 14, educators have expressed the need for
programs such as the 'Girls' Sports Summits.'"  The first summit
is scheduled for November 18 in Chicago (Reebok).

     "What hot winter sport is burning up the slopes?
Snowboarding, dude," writes Penny Parker in the DENVER POST.
"It's a wild ride.  So wild, in fact, that metro-area ski
equipment retailers now estimate that snowboards account for up
to 30 percent of their business."  Lew Sapiro, owner of the 39-
store Breeze Ski Rentals chain opened a snowboard-rental-only
store yesterday, an example of the increase in the snowboard
rental market.  The number of snowboarders will grow to 30 to 40%
of everyone on the slopes by the year 2000, according to
projections by TransWorld SNOWboarding magazine.  Some marketing
predictions show that snowboarders may outnumber skiers by the
year 2012 (DENVER POST, 11/14).
     SEE YOU IN NAGANO:  The Nagano Winter Olympic Committee
(NAOC) will start studying the addition of snowboarding to its
'98 Games program.  In August, IOC President Juan Antonio
Samaranch requested the NAOC add snowboarding in its program, but
the NAOC then was reported to be reluctant to add any new sports
because of economic reasons (NAOC).