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Volume 24 No. 115
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     Plans for Wayne Gretzky's ice kingdom at the Boca Raton, FL
Airport "have melted away."  But developers are looking for a new
site, trying to keep the project alive.  Gretzky is working with
Stadium Consultants Int'l of Toronto, which plans to build 25
Gretzky-themed rinks in U.S. cities, including Miami,
Jacksonville and Tampa (MIAMI HERALD, 11/12)....The Big 3 network
revenues were up slightly on combined 3rd quarter totals (AD AGE,
11/14 issue)....The CFL franchise in Baltimore is holding a
contest to name the team with the prizes being a Pontiac Sunbird
or two round-trip tickets on Continental Airlines (Baltimore SUN,
11/13)....Renaissance Golf Products reported net sales of $4.07M
for the nine months ended Sept. 30, 1994 -- an increase of $2.38M
or 103.5% over the comparable period in '93
(Renaissance)....Digital Equipment Corp. will air a TV spot for
its new notebook computers in the Las Vegas market during
tonight's "Monday Night Football" game on ABC.  In January,
Digital will air TV spots during pro and college football
telecasts but not the Super Bowl (AD AGE, 11/14 issue)....Time
Warner Inc.'s MONEY magazine said next spring it will test a
personal-finance monthly magazine aimed at younger readers (WALL
STREET JOURNAL, 11/14).... "Seeking to revitalize a slowing video
game market," Nintendo will announce a low-priced "virtual
reality" game system that will begin selling in the U.S. and
Japan in April (N.Y. TIMES, 11/14)....In the current issue of
BUSINESS WEEK, Chris Roush examines George Foreman's new-found
marketing appeal in the context of why older athletes are popular
as endorsers: "For one, there's no chance of an old pro having an
off season injury, staging a contract holdout, or blowing up at
the coach and embarrassing the company.  Also, it's less likely
that old pros will have drug problems, car crashes, or fistfights
in bars" (BUSINESS WEEK, 11/21 issue)....In a front-page expose
in Sunday's N.Y. TIMES, Douglas Frantz and Ralph Blumenthal
examine USAir under the headline: "Troubles at USAir:
Coincidence or More?" (N.Y. TIMES, 11/13).