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Volume 24 No. 159
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     Under the subheader "Sara Levinson's job:  Turn Teens and
Toddlers Into Gridiron Fans," the new president of NFL Properties
is profiled in the latest issue of BUSINESS WEEK.  NFL Properties
is "key" to the NFL's goal to gain a "new generation of channel
surfers," while retaining its core audience.  Levinson believes
cutting edge technology is important to attract young fans:  "The
twentysomethings are so technologically facile.  If you can get
them in early, then the commitment stays."  Levinson expects on-
line activity on Prodigy to become a "real-time bulletin board
for Monday morning quarterbacks," and to use the service as a
"market research gold mine" for tests such as fans' taste in
merchandise.  Levinson says fans "want to get their hands on this
game in other ways besides wearing the team jersey and watching
the game on TV."  Levinson noted that her goal is not to make the
NFL "hipper, younger" but to "bring the hard-core fan closer to
the game."  To help do so, Levinson is planning the "most
comprehensive survey ever" of sports fans.  Coca-Cola Senior VP
for Media Charles Fruit, a "longtime Levinson watcher," says that
she "knows the care and feeding of a global brand.  (The NFL) has
to be one big brand with 30 flavors" (Ruth Coxeter, BUSINESS
WEEK, 11/7).