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Volume 24 No. 115

Sports Industrialists

     In St. Louis, Bernie Miklasz reports that beer distributor
JERRY CLINTON is telling friends that he has put together a bid
to purchase the Buccaneers (ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH, 10/22)....In
Tampa, Bob Chick profiles ANTHONY LOIACONO, the CEO of the Ted
Williams Card Company.  In '92, AD AGE named Loiacono one of the
country's top 100 marketing execs while he was at Upper Deck
(TAMPA TRIBUNE, 10/23).... In other profiles, Raptors VP ISIAH
THOMAS under the header "Player's man in the Owner's boardroom"
(N.Y. TIMES, 10/24);  Coke President M. DOUGLAS IVESTER under the
header: "Coke exec's bean-counter image persists" (ATLANTA
CONSTITUTION, 10/24); and So. FL sports magnate WAYNE HUIZENGA
under the subhead: "One reporter's attempt to penetrate H. Wayne
Huizenga's corporate veil of secrecy" (SOUTH FLORIDA, 10/94
issue)....Filmmaker SPIKE LEE has announced that he is beginning
work on a screen biography of JACKIE ROBINSON.  Meanwhile, DENZEL
WASHINGTON, whom Lee wants to star in his film, is developing a
project on the Negro Leagues through his own company (AUSTIN
AMERICAN-STATESMAN, 10/21)....Former Tiger pitcher DENNY McLAIN
is selling his interest in Peet Packing Co. to his partner,

     ARTHUR GOLDBERG, Chair & CEO of Bally Entertainment was a
guest on CNN's "Moneyline."  On the gaming industry: "I think the
entire industry will reach a saturation.  I don't think it is
here yet.  I think there are a number of other jurisdictions that
will make intelligent expansions and do well. I think the Chicago
market will be an interesting market.  I think Philadelphia will
be an interesting market" ("Moneyline," CNN, 10/21)....PBS's
"Adam Smith" examined the business of sports with former CBS
Sports President Neil Pilson, BBDO Senior VP Stephen Grubb,
FINANCIAL WORLD's Michael Ozanian, N.Y. Giants Owner Bob Tisch
and former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker (PBS,
10/22)....Alcorn State QB McNair, who was caught doing the
Heisman pose after defeating Southern, 41-37:  "I have to look
back on the films and say, hey, how did I do that? I amaze myself
a lot of the time" ("Sports Tonight," CNN, 10/22)....Mike Lupica
on the possibility of a lockout in the NBA: "I am not convinced
they are not going to lock these guy out.  I'll believe that the
season is going to start on November 4 when someone throws the
ball up" ("Sports Reporters," ESPN, 10/23)....Mighty Ducks' Don
McSween, who got much press attention last week when he filed for
unemployment in CA: "There are a lot of average every day Joe's
like myself ... and something like this, it hurts" (CNN, 10/21).