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Volume 24 No. 159

Sponsorships Advertising Marketing

     The Bruins informed the NHL that they intend to "modify"
their traditional black-and-gold uniforms for their move into the
new Shawmut Center in '95.  Bruins Assistant GM Mike O'Connell:
"There most likely will be a change.  How drastic?  We're not
sure."  Kevin Paul Dupont writes,  "Who can blame the Big, Bad
Bruins wanting to cash in on the big, bad runaway apparel market?
Imagine what a growling, puck-chomping bear would do for sales."
According to David Haney, Dir of Creative Services for NHL
Enterprises, any club meeting the October 15 filing date has
another 60 days to submit final plans for NHL Commissioner Gary
Bettman's approval.  But Haney adds that the Bruins, as one of
the Original Six NHL teams, might face "a little more scrutiny."
Haney:  "My point of view:  Tradition is important -- but the
past, present and future are all part of the equation."  The
Bruins would not reveal the name of the Boston-area manufacturer
that made the pitch (BOSTON GLOBE, 10/22).

     Coca-Cola has become the first international sponsor of the
VI All Africa Games.  The Games will be held September 13-23,
1995 in Zimbabwe.  Coke and other Coca-Cola products will be the
official soft drinks; the company also will have rights to the
use of various properties and marks of COJA-Z '95.  A variety of
marketing activities will be executed in individual countries in
Africa, including special packaging, retail promotions and a
media campaign (Coca-Cola).

     "With the two giants of the cereal world," Kellogg Co. and
General Mills, "making good on their promises to cut back on
promotions, smaller players are scurrying to gain market share
with price specials and give aways, and consumers may benefit."
Kellogg said that its decision to but back on "deep-discount
coupons and freebies took a big spoonful out of its third-quarter
sales."  This could prompt Kellogg "to dish up more big-savings
promotions in the future."  But for now the company says it will
be "sticking to a pledge made earlier this year of cutting back
on promotional spending." Analysts estimated the decline in
Kellogg's volume of U.S. "ready-to-eat cereal" was 4% but said
this was offset by a rise in international volume
(Reuters/CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 10/23).

     NASCAR President Bill France has announced plans to allow
corporate America to "break through a new legion of consumers"
through NASCAR's SuperTruck Series.  According to Simmons Market
Research Bureau, one third of all vehicles purchased are trucks.
Owners of domestic trucks are 54% male and 46% female, and nine
out of 10 people who drive a truck enjoy at least one type of
motorsports.  In addition, 33% who drive trucks live in the top
20 ADI markets, and a third of the truck owners have an average
household income of more than $50,000.  France said that a
SuperTruck Series will offer marketers with "incredible benefits"
and take NASCAR marketing to a "new level": "Our direct
connection with a new, enthusiastic audience of this nature is a
dream of marketing opportunities for sponsors, team owners and
drivers" (Paul Schaefer, NASCAR NEWS, 10/12-26 issue).

     CAROLINA:  The Carolina Panthers and FN Thompson-Turner, the
contractor overseeing the construction of the clubs new stadium,
have entered into a joint project with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg
School system in order to promote career-building among eighth-
graders.  The "Building for the Future" program will be woven
throughout the eighth-grade curriculum at Wilson Middle School in
Charlotte.  The idea of the program is to introduce the students
to careers in the business side of sports (CHARLOTTE OBSERVER,
     ST. LOUIS:  In a marketing promotion to bring together
current Cardinals sponsors, the team hosted a daylong softball
tournament on Saturday.  The game drew  representatives of
Southwest Airlines, Hardees, the U.S. Postal Service, the
Missouri Lottery, Dairy Queen and Auto Tire, among others (ST.
     ANAHEIM:  The Angels have started a campaign under the
slogan, "We guarantee the '95 season and you can bank on it."  If
the start of next season is delayed, the club has promised to pay
season-ticket holders 5% interest on seat advances made by
January 13 (ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 10/23).

     Rumors struck Snapple Beverage again Friday, "except this
time they boosted the price of the company's stock."  Shares of
the company's stock surged as much as 26% as "Wall Street buzzed
about the possibility of a takeover."  Coke, Pepsi and Philip
Morris were among the rumored suitors, "although several analysts
dismissed the talk."  Merrill Lynch's Allan Kaplan said a bid by
Coke or Pepsi would be "ludicrous" because the cost of the
acquisition would outweigh the earnings produced.  An investment
newsletter, Wall Street Strategies, told subscribers that it had
heard a major beverage company would bid $25 a share, or $3B for
the company. Snapple's stoke closed at 14 5/8, up 2 3/8 (James
Lyons, N.Y. DAILY NEWS, 10/22).  Other observers said Quaker Oats
would be a more logical Snapple suitor.  "Ironically, Quaker,
with its successful Gatorade product, has been rumored to be a
buyout target of Pepsi.  Purchasing Snapple would help Quaker
fend off potential predators" (ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 10/22).