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Volume 24 No. 114
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     In Atlanta, Thomas Stinson examines USA TODAY's study of
baseball finances (see THE SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY, 10/20).  "It
may come as little surprise that both sides on the labor dispute
have troubles with the survey's findings."  Braves Player Rep Tom
Glavine: "Both sides have had economists making their findings
and [USA Today] has its own opinion.  It all depends on what
you're looking for."  The survey, for instance, projected losses
"absorbed" by the Astros to be $14.2M.  Astros GM Bob Watson
called that "significantly low" but still found "substance in the
general findings."  According to Stinson, the survey made 11
"assumptions and/or adjustments that misrepresented the disparity
between the losers and winners.  Omitted, for instance, was debt
service, a factor that may push" the Pirates, who reportedly lose
$1M a month, to move (ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 10/21).
     UPDATE:  CNN's Fred Hickman: "Ten of the top agents in the
business representing approximately half of the players with big
league contracts met with union officials in New York.  The
consensus after the five hour meetings: The players will continue
to sign new deal throughout the offseason, strike or no.  They
say the players are hunkered down and expect none to fold come
spring training if no deal is in place at that time" ("Sports
Tonight," CNN, 10/20).
     FANTASY SERIES:  Studio City Holding announced the formation
of a joint venture to produce a "fantasy" version of the '94
World Series.  Participants are Sandlot Production Partners,
Fawnsworth Int'l Picture Corporation and Studio City Holding.
The "Series" is being recorded and prepared for broadcast by
Radio Cinema (Studio City).