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Volume 24 No. 156
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     Boston Mayor Thomas Menino came out in favor of a "slimmed-
down proposal" on Boston's proposed Megaplex -- a $440M "stand-
alone" convention center, without a stadium.  Menino's position
is at odds with Gov. William Weld's proposed $700M combination
convention hall/football stadium.  Menino's plan is expected to
"reignite debate" in the MA Legislature.  Of the three possible
sites detailed by the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA), there
are plans for a convention center or a stadium, but not both.
Senate President William Bulger:  "The lack of a stadium may be a
problem for some people."  But the Boston Redevelopment Authority
concluded that the disadvantages of adding a stadium far
outweighed the advantages (Kindleberger & Vaillancourt, BOSTON
GLOBE, 10/20).  Menino's plan -- "without the costs and
controversy of a domed stadium" -- could see legislative action
"within months" (Phil Primack, BOSTON HERALD, 10/20).  A HERALD
editorial supports Menino and urges officials to adopt a proposal
that is a "doable" plan (HERALD, 10/20).