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Volume 24 No. 157
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     In Washington, David Aldridge reports on Cowboys Owner Jerry
Jones' efforts to change the NFL's marketing rules.  Jones wants
teams to be able to keep more of the profits generated from the
marketing of their individual team logos.  Last year, the Cowboys
generated 28% of all revenues from NFL Properties.  Jones "wants
what he says is an incentive-based structure."  For example, if
the Cowboys logo pulls in 30% of all licensing money, Jones think
the Cowboys should be allowed to keep money above the 1/28th cut
they currently get.  But Jones "says he's not looking to take
someone else's 1/28th for himself, only to be allowed to make
bigger deals outside the current agreements that increase the
size of the licensing pie."  Aldridge reports opposition to
Jones' plan is "strong.  Real strong."  Browns owner Art Modell
thinks Jones' ultimate goal is for a Cowboys TV Network "much
like the deal Notre Dame has with NBC," but Aldridge notes that
that "won't fly in the share-and-share alike NFL."  Modell:  "We
are 28 fat-cat Republicans that sit around the league meetings
and vote socialist" (WASHINGTON POST, 10/19).