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Volume 24 No. 117

Law Politics

     Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is looking at a possible
increase in the city's amusement tax to raise nearly $20M in new
tax and fee revenues.  The 1/3 rise from 6% to 8% of the
amusement tax would apply mostly to sporting events and would
"raise nearly $5-$6M additional revenue annually."  The money
would offset tax breaks for business in the '95 budget and help
pay for economic development and crime control.  The amusement
tax is "hidden in the price of entertainment events," and the
proposed increases are expected to be included in the '95 city
budget scheduled to be presented to the City Council this week
(Steven Strahler, CRAIN'S CHICAGO BUSINESS, 10/16 issue).

     Bucks Owner Herb Kohl, currently running for re-election to
the Senate, is "far from hurting" politically for the team's
failure to sign Glenn Robinson.  In fact, he is receiving praise
on the campaign trail for holding the line on Robinson's contract
demand.  Kohl: "Everywhere I go, people talk about it.  $100
million!  That number just blows everyone's mind."  Robinson is
reportedly seeking a 13-year $100M contract, while the Bucks'
offer is closer to $60M.  But Kohl, who leads in the polls,
"denies there is any politics involved in his handling of the
talks": "If they thought I was monkeying around with Robinson to
influence the election, the people at the Bucks would kill me."
But the MILWAUKEE JOURNAL's Craig Gilbert notes, "At the same
time, it certainly isn't hurting (MILWAUKEE JOURNAL, 10/18).