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      Former Mariners owner and "longtime" Rams board member
George Argyros is leading a group trying to buy an option to
acquire the Rams from owner Georgia Frontiere and keep the team
in Anaheim.  The group, which includes Carl's Jr. restaurant
chain Chair William Foley, hopes to buy a minority stake with the
right to become controlling owner if Frontiere sells the team.
Argyros is operating the group on a "parallel but separate" track
from the Leigh Steinberg-led Save the Rams organization (ORANGE
     ANAHEIM ANGUISH:  Anaheim City Council Member Bob Simpson
asks, "Why should [the Rams] stay in Anaheim and accept less than
they can get someplace else unless the deals aren't very, very
close?"  In St. Louis, Jim Thomas writes that efforts by Save the
Rams have gone "about as far as" possible and the area's fan base
has "eroded" to the point where a seat-licensing program
"probably wouldn't fly."  But while Simpson notes that Save the
Rams is "a long shot," he feels the group has come "a long way in
a short time" (ST. LOUIS POST DISPATCH, 10/15).
     WEIGHTY MOVES:  Fox's James Brown: "With Rams owner Georgia
Frontiere borrowing heavily against her teams NFL debt limit of
$40 million, the club believes it must relocate, and it
definitely will for the huge financial benefits.  Now sources
tell Fox that Baltimore remains a serious contender, along with
St. Louis, for the Rams' future home" ("NFL Sunday," FOX, 10/16).
     WHO'S WHO IN ST. LOUIS:  St. Louis businessman Stan Kroenke,
instrumental in the city's expansion effort, is "low-key" enough
to be a "better fit" as a Rams minority owner than "outspoken"
Orioles Owner Peter Angelos, according to a profile by the POST-
DISPATCH's Thomas.  Kroenke still faces "hurdles" in acquiring an
interest in the team:  First, what percentage of ownership will
be sold?; 2) at what cost?; and, 3) Will there be any option to
buy out owner Frontiere?  Kroenke and St. Louis booster group
FANS have been on "parallel tracks," but FANS point man Tom
Eagleton noted last week that he has never met Kroenke (ST. LOUIS
     SHAKING A BAD REPUTATION:  In St. Louis, Bernie Miklasz
writes "don't get your hopes up" that the Rams will move to St.
Louis, noting Rams President John Shaw has "negative" feelings
about St. Louis but is "charmed" by Baltimore Colts' "nostalgia"
     COOKE CLOUT:  Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke has "appeared
to be winning the perception battle" to keep an NFL team out of
the adjacent Baltimore market, but owners are less likely to
block a move to Baltimore than an expansion team because of
possible legal battles and because many owners "condone" team
movement:  "Any anti-Baltimore lobbying efforts will have to be
done behind the scene" (Vito Stellino, Baltimore SUN, 10/16).