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Volume 24 No. 112


     Two minority shareholders of Maple Leaf Gardens Ltd. (MLG)
have filed a motion to join the lawsuit against Steve Stavro,
Harold Ballard's estate executor and controller of MLG, according
to this morning's TORONTO STAR. The family of "sports
entrepreneur" Harry Ornest and Red Wings Senior VP Jim Devellano
have filed for "intervenor" status in order to "get relief and
challenge price valuations" on the 4% of MLG shares which they
hold.  In an accompanying claim, Ornest and Devellano say estate
executors, including Stavro, have "conducted the affairs of Maple
Leaf Gardens in a manner that favored the interests of Stavro and
related corporate entities and was oppressive to the interests of
other shareholders."  Ornest, Devellano and Ontario's Office of
the Public Trustee, already involved in the suit, believe the
estate's executors "should have offered the Gardens control block
on the open market in an effort to get a higher price."  The
Trustee also claims the executors were in a "conflict of
interest, ignored financial advice on maximizing share values and
breached fiduciary duties to minority shareholders."  The suit is
aimed at having the courts "unwind" the takeover and return the
shares to the  estate for re-sale (Tony Van Alphen, TORONTO STAR,

     Representatives of St. Louis' proposal to lure the Rams away
from Anaheim will present their offer today in Los Angeles.  FANS
point man Sen. Thomas Eagleton, St. Louis-based PR exec Al Kerth,
financial advisor Barry Blackwell, and attorney Richard Riezman
will present a plan for meeting the Rams' "wish list," including
retaining Charlotte marketing consultant Max Muhleman to raise
$60-90M in permanent seat licenses.  Eagleton believes St. Louis
is "neck and neck" with Anaheim supporters trying to keep the
team in the area.  Eagleton:  "If the Rams in fact move, I think
they'll come to St. Louis.  That's the big 'if.'"   He added that
St. Louis' domed stadium will be completed for the '95 NFL
season, putting St. Louis "ahead of Baltimore."  Eagleton
declined to discuss the specifics of the proposal but said he
thinks the Rams will make a decision by mid-November (Jim Thomas,