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Volume 24 No. 159
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     In this week's BUSINESS WEEK, Maria Mallory chronicles the
reasons for Coke's "eye-popping third-quarter worldwide volume
increases of 12%."  After years of "marginal market share growth,
languid product development and stodgy marketing, Coca-Cola is
revving up its fortunes.  It's tweaking every aspect of global
marketing, adding cutting-edge advertising, new packaging,
product sampling, and high-profile sponsorships.  It's also
pushing new products out the door faster than ever before."
Mallory notes that the "rejuvenation of Coke has become a
personal quest" for Coke CEO Robert Goizueta (BUSINESS WEEK, 10/3
issue)....Coca-Cola has announced a bottling joint venture in
South Africa and an additional $100M investment in Russia over
the next three years (WALL STREET JOURNAL, 9/26).