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Volume 24 No. 157
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     NFL owners meet in Dallas tomorrow for two days of
discussions on stocking expansion teams and realignment.  The
league office is expected to offer a stocking plan in which each
of the 28 clubs leaves seven players unprotected.  The league
plan allows for a maximum of three players to be taken from a
team.  Jacksonville proposed that each team leave at least one
quarterback exposed, but the league office dismissed that
proposal (Will McDonough, BOSTON GLOBE, 9/25).  The owners are
also expected to approve a plan in which Carolina and
Jacksonville get only one first-round pick at next year's draft,
and two picks in the later rounds (Vito Stellino, Baltimore SUN,
     MORE CAP NEWS:  In Boston, Will McDonugh comments on figures
released by the NFLPA showing 18 teams over the $34.6M cap:  "I
submit that anyone who sees the results in basketball and
football and thinks salary caps are bad for the players be given
a dunce cap" (BOSTON GLOBE, 9/24).
     OWNERS TO PROBE DEION DEAL:  ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports
that some owners have "demanded" a meeting with NFL Commissioner
Paul Tagliabue this Friday regarding a possible third party --
"i.e., a corporate sponsor" -- involved in Deion Sanders'
contract with the 49ers,  In addition, they want to discuss the
49ers' tact of asking a free agent to take a pay cut and then re-
sign in the spring.  Mortensen: "There might be a penalty for
that" ("NFL Game Day," 9/25).