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Twitter Me This....

L.A. Times' Nathan Fenno: "Group of schoolchildren touring the @latimes newsroom just gave a hearty 'Good morning, Mr. Plaschke' as they came upon @BillPlaschke."

Politico's Jennifer Epstein: "Obama: 'My bracket's a mess. I've learned a lesson: I will not pick against the Wolverines.'"

Soccer writer Duane Rollins: "I find the differences in how Leiweke dealt with the Leafs vs the Raptors/TFC fascinating. He boldly blew up the latter but not former. Why?"

N.Y. Daily News' Frank Isola: "Sorry, but ESPN ranking Jim Dolan dead last among owners is wrong. He may not be a 'basketball expert' but he's willing to spend money. … Does Jim Dolan have a clue when it comes knowing what it takes to win? No. But at least he wants to win and isn't cheap."

The AP's Brian Mahoney: "Dick Bavetta working his 2,633rd consecutive game tonight at MSG, says National Basketball Referees Association. Passes Cal Ripken's streak."

ESPN Producer Seth Markman: "Live 9a @SportsCenter begins with 14 straight minutes of NFL news. On April 2. There is no offseason."

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