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Players Admonish NFL For Requesting Extension in Antitrust Case

The players suing the NFL for antitrust violations blasted the league for requesting an extension of time to respond to the lawsuit, claiming it was part of a strategy to stretch out the lockout. The players also disclosed in a 12-page brief that they plan to file a motion for summary judgment to have the Minnesota court declare the lockout illegal.

The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals has already stayed the court’s injunction against the lockout, and strongly suggested it would overturn the decision. The league cited that likelihood as a reason to delay its filing, due Monday, until July 6. But the players' counsel argued the 8th Circuit is only dealing with whether to enjoin the lockout, not whether it, and free agent restrictions, are legal.

“[T]his case will go forward on the merits of the Brady Plaintiffs’ other claims whether or not Judge Nelson’s preliminary injunction of the lockout is upheld or reversed, and thus there is no reason to grant yet another extension, thereby prolonging the bar on discovery,” the brief stated. The league has already received two extensions of its deadline to respond to the March 11 lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges the lockout and free agency restrictions violate antitrust laws.

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