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  • Barcelona's Massive Online Presence Responsible For $40M In Annual Revenue

    Barcelona "resists no social network," according to Jordi Quixano of EL PAIS. The club "is the leader in numbers and followers, as it has more than 72 million fans on Facebook, another 12 million on Twitter, nearly 10 million on Google+, 3.3 million on Instagram, 1.5 million on Youtube and 1.1 million on Sina Weibo." This "explosion has created a tremendous form of commercialization for the club, which has changed even its way of negotiating sponsorship contracts." Barcelona New Technologies Dir Didac Lee said, "Before, if we were going to sell to a Chinese sponsor, for example, we would have a discussion that was only reaching the recipient. But now we show the numbers, the millions of visitors that we have on our specialized websites and the echo on social media." It is "such that the club's business generated digitally" is approximately €30M ($40M), a figure that "includes not only licenses, but everything linked to the digital world (ticketing, E-Commerce, Museum, sponsorship licenses and content)." The club states, "It has meant 43% growth in the last three years." Lee: "My obsession, more than a digital department like most clubs use, was to completely digitize Barça." To do so, Lee "defines technology in three ways:" bringing the club to members, globalizing the brand and converting the Internet traffic into revenue. Barcelona believes that "everything will be more dynamic and useful with a new app called 'Aplicación Madre,' which will combine all the club's apps and be introduced later this year." For globalization, Barcelona "bets on adapting its web presence locally, on each of its nine websites." Lee said, "It is the GLOCAL concept, we think globally and act locally." For example, on Barcelona's Arab website, "the content features Barcelona fans observing Islamic holidays; the Chinese version features an interview with the world badminton champion -- who is 'Cule.'" The club's Indonesian site "has created the figure of an ambassador who is a celebrity in the country." Lee said, "This results in a following on social media. The traffic is seven million unique users per month. The new websites have doubled traffic in the last three years." This traffic "translates to new revenue." For example, "through digital licenses for new applications, video games, ticketing, selling shirts on the Internet in places where there are no points of sale, and above all, sponsorships through the Internet and social networks" (EL PAIS, 8/16).

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  • Talksport Renews Global English Premier League Partnership Until 2019

    Talksport "renewed its contract with the Premier League and will continue as its global audio partner" until the end of the '18-19 season, according to SOCCEREX. As with Talksport’s current four-year contract, "which is set to expire" at the end of the '15-16, the package includes int'l audio rights in all languages in all territories outside the U.K. and Ireland for live commentary of all 380 games a season. Talksport "has broadcast partners in 25 countries" including the U.S., China, Malaysia, Egypt, Nigeria and UAE. According to the latest Radio Joint Audience Research figures, the UTV Media-owned station attracts 3.4 million listeners per week in the U.K.," although the new Premier League contract is separate to the broadcaster’s deal for domestic commentary rights" (SOCCEREX, 8/14).

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  • EPL Warns Fans Not To Post Vine Videos Of Goals Online, Promises To Clamp Down

    The EPL has warned fans "not to post unofficial videos of goals online after thousands of goals were shared during the World Cup," according to Mark Tran of the London GUARDIAN. Through Vine, a "popular video sharing service owned by Twitter, fans can upload unofficial clips of football action in an instant." The Premier League, however, has said that it will "clamp down on the unofficial videos when the football season starts on Saturday." EPL Communications Dir Dan Johnson said that posting goal vines "was illegal, as was sharing the videos on websites such as Twitter, and amounted to breaking copyright laws" (GUARDIAN, 8/15). MARKETING MAGAZINE's Shona Ghosh wrote a "quick search for Premier League footage on Vine brings up hundreds of accounts, many of which have thousands of followers." One account featuring goal clips, Best of Sports, has "almost 30,000 followers." The account states "I don't own any of these clips," suggesting that "at least some users are well aware of the copyright issues." Johnson: "You can understand that fans see something, they can capture it, they can share it, but ultimately it is against the law. It's a breach of copyright and we would discourage fans from doing it, we're developing technologies like gif crawlers, Vine crawlers, working with Twitter to look to curtail this kind of activity" (MARKETING MAGAZINE, 8/15). In London, Jack De Menezes reported Johnson added, "I know it sounds as if we're killjoys but we have to protect our intellectual property." The announcement comes following the "latest TV broadcasting deal to be agreed by Sky Sports and BT Sport." On top of that, newspapers The London Times and The Sun have agreed deals to "show online goals and highlights, and the introduction of Vines means that people who have not subscribed to their paper can still see the action for free." The development in TV detail has "also helped Vines take off with viewers able to pause and record live TV, meaning they can rewind matches should something of interest happen, record it, and upload the footage to the internet for all to see." Royalty auditing business 360 Audit Managing Partner Henna Riaz, an IP lawyer, explained why the Premier League is "taking such measures." Riaz: "It is being forced to tackle the issue head on and in a very public manner to demonstrate to its commercial partners that the issue is being taken extremely seriously. I would imagine that the Premier League has had some stressful conversations with its commercial partners about the unauthorized use of this copyright" (INDEPENDENT, 8/15).

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  • World Cup Viewership Reportedly Down From 2010 Figures For Singapore's SingTel

    It was "billed as one of the most exciting World Cups in years, but in Singapore, fewer households parted with cash to watch the 2014 event compared with the previous tournament," according to Irene Tham of the STRAITS TIMES. SingTel, which had exclusive rights, reported that "more than 100,000 households signed up." Industry sources said that this figure is "at least 25% lower" than the number of subscribers in '10, when SingTel and "rival StarHub had joint rights." Both broadcasters "declined to give subscription figures for the 2010 World Cup." SingTel priced the games at $112 as "a stand-alone service; its early bird price was $94.16." Those who signed up or renewed their two-year English Premier League (EPL) contracts "got World Cup matches for free -- although this meant paying $1,400 over the two years." The timing of "many critical matches, which were played in Brazil, also contributed to the lacklustre subscription." Most were played at 3am or 4am Singapore time (STRAITS TIMES, 8/17).

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  • More Than 3 Million Viewers Tune In To Watch Highlights Of DFB-Pokal First Round

    Yoan Pablo Hernandez defeated Firat Arslan by split decision.

    German public broadcaster ARD recorded satisfying ratings for its sports coverage on Saturday, according to Daniel Sallhoff of QUOTENMETER. The coverage of the first round of the DFB-Pokal (German Cup), which started at 6pm, was the day's top sports broadcast as it attracted 3.63 million viewers. The number translated into a market share of 21.2%. In comparison, neither in '12 nor in '13 did DFB-Pokal first-round highlights break the 3-million mark. In the target demographic 14-49, the coverage obtained a share of 16% as 870,000 viewers tuned in. Starting at 10:39pm, ARD showed the boxing fight between Yoan Pablo Hernandez and Firat Arslan. The coverage first attracted 1.86 million viewers and increased to 2.78 million during the main fight. The numbers equaled market shares of 11% and 15.2%, respectively. In the target demographic, the market shares stood at 4.4% and 5.8%, respectively. During lunch time, ARD recorded 770,000 viewers for its broadcast of the German Touring Car Championship (DTM) qualifying session. The qualifying session had a market share of 7.8%. ARD's coverage of the European Athletics Championships, starting at 3pm, was watched by 1.99 million viewers and obtained a 16.4 share (QUOTENMETER, 8/17).

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