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  • DHB, HBL Create Task Force Following Empty Arenas At Handball Supercup Event

    The German Handball Federation (DHB) and the Handball Bundesliga (HBL) "have reacted to the empty arenas at the Handball Supercup and formed a task force," according to SPORT1. The task force, which includes DHB President Bernhard Bauer, VP Bob Hanning and HBL CEO Frank Bohmann, "has already held a meeting during the event." Bohmann: "That was a shot across the bow, but the arenas don't fill themselves. Nothing is for free anymore." Only "a third of the tickets to the Supercup games in Bremen and Hamburg were sold." Bohmann "demanded a better marketing of national team games in the future." Former German national team coach and DHB Sport Manager Hainer Brand "criticized the planning of the four-nations tournament." Brand: "The choice of the big arenas was maybe a little unfortunate" (SPORT1, 11/5).

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  • Els To Skip European Tour's Season-Ending Event After Disapproving Of Playing Demands

    Els has been playing on both the American and European tours since '94.

    Golfer Ernie Els has "described as 'farcical' the European Tour's increased playing demands and will register his disapproval by skipping" next week's season-ending DP World Tour Championship in Dubai, according to Andrew Both of REUTERS. He is "annoyed at the tour's new regulation that its members must play two of the three events leading into Dubai to be eligible" for the $8M season finale. Els: "Why would they make a decision like that and expect guys to play? It's farcical. In my view it's an absolute joke." He said that he "understood why the European Tour wanted to coax its top players into contesting more of the big-money Asian tournaments." He said, "I can see (the tour's point of view) but it's crazy. I've been playing both tours since 1994 and it's been no problem but for some reason now the European Tour expect us to play a full schedule. We used to play seven events and you could keep your card in Europe. Now you have to play more than in America. ... They're making it almost impossible for me to remain playing the tour." Still, the tour is "unlikely to ever lose its top European players -- nearly all of whom covet Ryder Cup selection" (REUTERS, 11/3). Golf Channel’s Notah Begay III said of Els' complaint, "He has been a big advocate for the European Tour. I think he understands what it requires to represent the game and the tours that he plays on." Begay said it is a "bit unfair” because Els "qualified by virtue of points" and his argument is that golfers “should be looked at as independent contractors.” Begay said Els "does have a little bit of a leg to stand on in this particular case." Begay added if Els understands the "protocols that are required, it might affect things a little bit" ("Morning Drive," Golf Channel, 11/4).

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  • F1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone Reviewing Possible Adjusted Points System Modeled After Tennis

    ¿Podría, algún día, la Fórmula 1 dejar de ser tan rentable como hoy? De momento, se trata de una posibilidad muy improbable, pero Bernie Ecclestone, el patrón del gran circo del motor, es famoso por adelantarse a los acontecimientos y, a sus 83 años, buscar continuamente nuevos modelos de negocio. Su última idea es, según Tomorronewsf1, inspirarse al modelo de negocio de los torneos de tenis. La razón es sencilla. Según Ecclestone, la F1 corre el riesgo de acabar en la misma situación de algunos campeonatos de fútbol, como la Liga Española, donde sólo tres o cuatro equipos pueden aspirar a ganar el título. Y, cuando un deporte no reserva sorpresas, el interés del público tiende a disminuir. Una pesadilla para Formula One Management (FOM), la empresa que dirige Ecclestone y que administra este deporte, cobrando, según las estimaciones de algunos expertos, 500 millones anuales en concepto de derechos televisivos. Reglamento Esta situación ha sido la principal obsesión de Ecclestone en los últimos años. Hasta el punto de que el directivo ha impulsado una nueva normativa técnica dirigida a reducir al mínimo el margen de maniobra de las escuderías en materia de motores y otros elementos técnicos e igualar así la competición entre equipos con más presupuesto y conjuntos más austeros. Pero no es suficiente. Ecclestone cree que el modelo de negocio del tenis, donde no todos los torneos dan a los jugadores el mismo número de puntos, puede adaptarse a la F1, añadiéndole algo más de suspense. Según el directivo, un modelo similar aplicado a la F1 complicaría las cosas a equipos como RedBull, Ferrari y MacLaren, y a pilotos como Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel y Lewis Hamilton. En el torneo ATP World Tour de tenis, está vigente un complejo sistema de puntuación en el que los partidos son clasificados de manera distinta de acuerdo con el número de puntos que obtiene su ganador. Así, en las series ATP 250 y 500, se reparten hasta 250 y 500 puntos, respectivamente, mientras en los Máster 1.000 y Grand Slam se otorga al ganador hasta 1.000 y 2.000 puntos, respectivamente. Reparto De acuerdo con Tomorrownewsf1, podría haber grandes premios de 25 puntos, como sucede en la actualidad, y de 50 puntos. La última carrera de la temporada podría ser de 100 puntos, introduciendo así un elemento de incertidumbre. Así, los GP de Australia, Malasia, China, Bahrein, España, Canadá, Europa, Hungría, Singapur, Japón, Corea, India, Abu Dhabi y EEUU podrían mantenerse en 25 puntos. Las carreras destinadas a valer 50 puntos podrían ser los históricos grandes premios europeos (Mónaco, Inglaterra, Alemania, Italia y Bélgica), mientras Brasil valdría 100 puntos. La introducción de este sistema, que de momento está todavía lejos de convertirse en una realidad, tendría la ventaja, para FOM, de poder cobrar más caro el canon a los circuitos en los que se reparten más puntos.

    La Fórmula 1 copia al tenis para ser más emocionante,Empresas,
    Could F1 "one day be less profitable than it is today?" -- this currently seems "unlikely," but F1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone is "continuously looking for new business models," according to Gabriele Cagliani of EXPANSION. Ecclestone's latest idea is "inspired by the business model used in tennis tournaments, and the reason is simple." Ecclestone believes F1 is "running the risk of ending up in the same situation as football, where in La Liga only three or four teams have a chance to win the league." That would be a "nightmare for F1," which earns €500M ($675M) from TV rights. Ecclestone believes that F1 should adapt "the model used in tennis, where not all tournaments are worth the same number of points, which creates added suspense." For the ATP World Tour, there is a "complex scoring system in which games are classified differently based on points given to the winner." F1 could "feature 25-point grands prix, which it currently has, and also have events worth 50 points." The "last race of the season could be worth 100 points, which would introduce an element of uncertainty." This way, the GPs in Australia, Malaysia, China, Bahrain, Spain, Canada, Hungary, Germany, Italy and Belgium would "remain worth 25 points." The races that would "be worth 50 would be the historically important grands prix -- like Monaco and England -- while the Brazil race would have a value of 100 points." Introducing this system, which is still "far from becoming a reality, would have the advantage for F1 of being able to charge the circuits that distribute the most points at a higher rate" (EXPANSION, 11/3).

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  • Tamul Nadu Tennis Association Asks AITA Not To Insist On Royalties From Int'l Events

    The Tamil Nadu Tennis Association has pleaded with the All India Tennis Association to not penalize the State Associations which conduct int'l events by insisting on royalty money from them, and suggested that "the national body should find an alternate revenue model to raise funds," according to Kamesh Srinivasan of THE HINDU. Responding to the latest communication from the AITA following decisions taken by the exec committee that state associations hosting Challengers held by the national federation would be charged a royalty of Rs.50,000 ($809), and be given added voting rights as per the constitution, the TNTA has stated that "no money ought to be charged as the AITA did not support the events in any way." Interestingly, the AITA has specified that state units conducting Challenger events by dealing with the ATP on their own would still have to pay Rs.100,000 ($1,620), "and will not be eligible for any additional votes." The TNTA claims that the royalty of Rs.100,000 "was unfair as it was in direct communication with the ATP with regard to the conduct of the Challengers without any help from the AITA" (THE HINDU, 11/5).

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  • Islamabad High Court Allows Sethi To Resume As Acting Pakistan Cricket Board Chief

    In "a major reprieve" to the Pakistan Cricket Board, a divisional bench of the Islamabad High Court restored Najam Sethi as its acting chairman and also "allowed the interim management committee appointed by the government to resume its functioning," according to the PTI. The decisions "were announced after the bench heard the appeals filed by the PCB and the government in the capital city" with lawyer Asma Jahangir "making a forceful argument before the judges in the court." An eyewitness said, "Asma Jahangir, who is representing the government in the case, gave a impassioned argument lasting some 90 minutes which appeared to convince the divisional bench that until a decision is taken on the appeals, Sethi and the interim management committee must be allowed to resume work" (PTI, 11/5). PAKISTAN TODAY reported the confusion over the status of Sethi and the interim management committee began on Oct. 28, "when Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui suspended Sethi at 9am for not complying with an earlier legal order issued by Justice Siddiqui to elect a permanent chairman for the PCB" by Oct.18. However, at 12:30pm on the same day, "the board's lawyers argued successfully to a different two-judge bench at the same court on the same case to maintain the status quo" -- that is, Sethi and the interim management committee -- at least temporarily. However, the written order of this judgment, released on Oct. 31, refers to no such conclusion, "leaving those board officials who received it, baffled." Both judges admitted to an "inadvertent" typing mistake and clarified that "the bench meant to ask the PCB to function until the appeal is decided." The PCB "had remained without a chairman and administrative body for six days" (PAKISTAN TODAY, 11/4).

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  • League Notes: U.K. Players Want Lighter Penalties For Recreational Drugs

    A union representing British sportsmen and women "has launched legal action in Switzerland to try to ensure more sympathetic treatment for athletes caught using recreational drugs." The Professional Players Federation, which has more than 15,000 members across football, golf, rugby union and cricket, "is challenging moves by the World Anti-Doping Agency to punish offenders in the same way, irrespective of whether they had used performance-enhancing or recreational drugs." The PPF said that "the focus should be on trying to help sports stars who take drugs like cocaine and cannabis" (REUTERS, 11/5). ... Sportradar is to monitor cricket tournaments in Australia for signs of betting-related corruption and fraudulent activity. The company has announced Cricket Australia as its latest integrity partner as part of an agreement under which it will monitor the latter’s Ryobi Cup, BUPA Sheffield Shield and KFC Big Bash T20 League competitions (Sportradar). ... South Korea "has been elected as an Asian representative on the world's top anti-sports doping body." South Korea "will return as a continental representative on the Foundation Board at the World Anti-Doping Agency" (YONHAP, 11/5). ... Italian motorcycle brand Aprilia "will start competing again in the MotoGP Championship in 2016 after last racing in that category in 2004" (REUTERS, 11/5). ... A Delhi police official said that the Central Bureau of Investigation has recently dispatched letters rogatory to U.K.-based "to probe into money trail in Indian Premier League match fixing-cum-betting case" (DECCAN HERALD, 11/4).

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