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              NETWORK: Fox Sports Detroit debuts today with a full
         lineup to include live events and reruns (DETROIT NEWS,
         9/15)....In Hartford, WFSB-TV will televise four regular-
         season ABL Blizzard games this season.  The deal includes a
         preseason special, and an option on playoff games (HARTFORD
         COURANT, 9/13)....In Tacoma, Bob Condotta put the Mariners'
         new KIRO radio deal at $6M/season (NEWS TRIBUNE, 9/13).
              PUBLICATIONS: The N.Y. Times introduced format changes
         today that includes a stand-alone sports section seven days
         a week, color photos on the front page of the sports
         section, and more "complete and streamlined" sports results
         pages, organized league-by-league, with capsule reports on
         each team (N.Y. TIMES, 9/15).
              TV PROGRAMMING: In N.Y., Kay Gardella gave the SI For
         Kids Show four stars.  Gardella: "[I]t's not just for kids,
         either.  Adults like myself, who aren't fanatical followers
         of sports, can learn from this" (N.Y. DAILY NEWS, 9/13).    
         ...In Toronto, Rob Longley: "Perhaps its time for ABC to
         consider starting Monday Night Football at 8 p.m.  Games
         that are consistently ending after 12:30 a.m. are creating
         weary viewers that are surely contributing to the 18%
         decline in ratings" (TORONTO SUN, 9/15).  In Miami, Barry
         Jackson wrote that while ratings are down for "MNF," the
         game "seemingly despite itself now -- continues as the NFL's
         venerable flagship.  Gray and listing, perhaps, but a
         flagship nonetheless" (MIAMI HERALD, 9/14). 
              PERSONALITIES: As Marv Albert prepares for his
         September 22 assault trial, Joel Myers will replace him in
         NBC's NFL lineup (Rudy Martzke, USA TODAY, 9/15).

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              The Flames, Oilers and Canadiens are the only three NHL
         teams without an official Web site, according to Mitch
         Garber of the Montreal GAZETTE.  Garber: "Did you know you
         could sell more Canadiens merchandise off the Internet than
         you will ever sell out of the Molson Centre store?"  While
         the NHL's web site at "is doing a good job,"  
         the league is planning a "total graphic and content
         relaunch" on October 1, making the new site "easier to
         navigate and more fan-friendly" (Montreal GAZETTE, 9/14).
              ONLINE NOTES: The A-10 has launched
         (Atlantic 10), the team's official site, has
         surpassed the 10 million hit mark less than two months after
         it was launched ( Sports Online has
         launched a new "Monday Night Football" site at www.abcmnf.
         com.  The site features "real time" displays with data
         coming directly from ABC Sports' control room (ABC).

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