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         CBS's telecast of the Daytona 500 Sunday drew a 6.5 rating
    and a 16 share in preliminary overnight ratings, according to
    Nielsen Sports Marketing.  The following is a market-by-market
    analysis (Nielsen Sports Marketing).
         MARKET         RATING/SHARE        MARKET      RATING/SHARE
         ATLANTA        10.7/24             MILWAUKEE      5.5/14
         BALTIMORE       5.5/13             MINNEAPOLIS    7.5/19
         BOSTON          5.5/14             NEW YORK       3.1/8
         CHICAGO         4.6/11             ORLANDO       19.7/42
         CINCINNATI      7.7/19             PORTLAND       5.7/16
         CLEVELAND       5.9/13             PHILADELPHIA   7.9/17
         CHARLOTTE      19.6/41             PITTSBURGH     8.7/19
         WASHINGTON      8.4/21             PHOENIX        7.3/20
         DETROIT         6.1/13             SAN ANTONIO    4.7/12
         DALLAS          5.1/13             SAN DIEGO      4.3/13
         DENVER          6.8/22             SEATTLE        4.7/13
         HOUSTON         5.1/12             SAN FRANCISCO  4.1/13
         HARTFORD        9.8/22             SALT LAKE      9.7/22
         INDIANAPOLIS   13.1/26             SACRAMENTO     7.1/20
         KANSAS CITY     8.4/22             TAMPA         10.3/25
         LOS ANGELES     4.2/12             WEST PALM      8.9/22
         MIAMI           4.7/13             TOTAL AVG.     6.5/16

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         CNN Sports Exec Producer Jim Walton said CNN/SI, the new 24-
    hour sports news channel, will "absolutely not" try to take from
    ESPN's talent.  Walton: "Our infrastructure is in place.  We're
    not in the raiding business" (USA TODAY, 2/21).  VARIETY reports
    that NFL Properties President Sara Levinson is the "chief choice"
    to take the top job at the new sports channel (VARIETY, 2/12-18
    issue).  CNN will own 75% of the channel, with SI holding 25%.
    Officials "are not disclosing start-up costs or distribution
    goals," nor a projected break-even point.  Local system
    programmer Phil Laxar notes, while "it is difficult to launch a
    sports news service currently because of the channel-capacity
    crunch, it is an area that I think there is an opportunity in,
    longer term."  However, Laxar did say it is harder to justify
    another sports channel "when you have other genres that are
    underrepresented" (Rich Brown, BROADCASTING & CABLE, 2/19).

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         In releasing their schedule of 125 Braves games this season,
    TBS is "expecting a rise in advertising revenue of 25% locally
    and at least 10% nationally" (ATLANTA CONSTITUTION,
    2/21)....Former NBC producer Harry Coyle died of heart failure in
    Iowa.  He was considered the "father of baseball broadcasting"
    (ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 2/21).  NBC Sports President Dick Ebersol,
    on Coyle:  "He probably brought more sporting joy into more
    households than any other American" (Baltimore SUN, 2/21)....WWJ-
    AM in Detroit announced it will carry the U.S. 500 at Michigan
    Int'l Speedway, and not the Indy 500.  WWJ-AM had been the only
    Detroit radio outlet carrying the Indy 500.  Sources tell the
    DETROIT NEWS that ESPN is expected to announce plans to cover
    pole qualifying May 11 (DETROIT NEWS, 2/21).... Dennis Rodman
    will be a studio guest during TNT's coverage of Orlando-Indiana
    (USA TODAY, 2/21)....Steve Burke, 37-year old President of Euro-
    Disney, has been named Exec VP at Cap Cities/ABC, the No. 2 post
    reporting to Chair Robert Iger.  Burke had been with Disney since
    '86 (N.Y. POST, 2/21).... The L.A. TIMES reports Cap Cities/ABC
    is considering NBC's Jamie McDermott to be President of ABC
    Entertainment (L.A. TIMES, 2/21)....Barry Diller is profiled in
    the current issue of TIME.  Diller intends to build his Silver
    King network "from the bottom up with local programming -- a
    national network of distinct and separate voices" (NEWSWEEK, 2/26
    issue).  Diller is lure Fox Senior Exec Doug Binzak to assist in
    marketing and scheduling (VARIETY, 2/12-18).... The "demise" of
    UNLV has affected the Big West's TV opportunities.  Since '89,
    the conference has been on ESPN's Big Monday package, but ESPN
    has reduced the Big West's schedule from eight to four and has
    not guaranteed any Big Monday games next season (Jason Reid, L.A.
    TIMES, 2/19).

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         Cablevision Systems Corp. of Long Island decided not to
    offer Ultimate Fighting Championships this past Friday.  The only
    other U.S. cable operator that reportedly does not offer the
    bouts is InterMedia of San Francisco.  Peter Low, VP/Programming
    for Cablevision: "The government has called on media companies to
    act more responsibly to respond to violence on television
    programs.  That's what we've done."  Ultimate Fighting had put a
    full-page ad in Long Island's Newsday to urge viewers to call the
    office of CEO Jim Dolan to demand the show (Jeanne Cooper,
    NEWSDAY, 2/21).

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         Ted Turner at one point considered cancelling the Goodwill
    Games scheduled for New York in Summer '98, according to Neal
    Travis of the N.Y. POST.  Sources report Turner "has been
    operating with a particularly short fuse" as he awaits approval
    of the Time Warner merger, and "there was some squabbling about
    the Goodwill Games format."  According to a source, "Ted wasn't
    getting his way and he basically said to hell with it."  But with
    his newly planned CNN/SI 24-hour sports channel, staging the
    Games "makes more economic sense than they have in the past."  A
    spokesperson for TBS denied any threats of cancellation, but said
    the TBS board did "approve some format changes."  The
    spokesperson added, "We're not really behind schedule.  We have 2
    1/2 years to get the event scheduled" (N.Y. POST, 2/21).

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         For MLB teams, it's time to transition from Hot Stove to the
    Hopes of April.  But if you want the latest info online, MLB's
    "Major League Baseball @BAT" may not be the best place to check.
    The league's official Web site
    ( is still in World Series
    mode.  Better off heading to the official team sites, of which
    there are nine.  MLB's online teams:
                   Blue Jays (;
                   Braves (;
                   Cardinals (;
                   Giants (;
                   Indians (;
                   Mariners (;
                   Marlins (;
                   Pirates (;
                   Tigers (;
                   Yankees (
         KEY FEATURES:  The Giants' "Virtual Dugout" has a link to
    the homepage for the "Yes on B" ballpark initiative in San
    Francisco at  Inside is a 3D
    version of the ballpark and links to the campaign. The news
    section in the Pirates' site makes no mention of the team's new
    ownership, but the Cards' "Welcome" page mentions new owners,
    grass at Busch Stadium and the Web site among changes this off-
    season.  The Mariners' "Home Plate" has a page devoted entirely
    to Ken Griffey Jr.  "Marlins On-Line" has a Fan Forum with team
    president Don Smiley.  The Indians page features sponsorships by
    All Sport, McDonald & Company Investments, Sherwin-Williams, and
    Stop 'n Shop.  The A's site has ad space available on the
         ONE-STOP SURFING:  For all unofficial MLB and all other
    baseball links, see "John Skilton's Baseball Links" at (THE DAILY).

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