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         Fila and Foot Locker are charter sponsors of a $1.2M school
    backboard replacement program in New York City.  Mayor Rudolph
    Giulani announced yesterday that, over the next three years, the
    two companies will replace, refurbish, and maintain rims and
    backboards at 625 NYC public schools.  The backboards will bear
    the message "Winners Never Quit."  Giuliani:  "Putting up
    backboards in school playgrounds is a wonderful way to help our
    city's youngsters.  Fila and Foot Locker have created a public-
    private partnership that works.  I hope it will inspire many
    other corporations to create their own programs to help us make
    New York City a better place to live."  Foot Locker VP & GM Larry
    Remington:  "It's Foot Locker's responsibility to the community
    to step up and help make a difference by offering a solution.
    And as each lay-up and three-point shot is completed, it is our
    hope that kids will walk away knowing that winners never quit and
    carry that message with them throughout life."  Fila USA Senior
    VP Jack Steinweis:  "We're excited to be part of this program
    which helps improve the quality of life for kids in the New York
    area" (THE DAILY).


         The Dallas-based Holden Production Group (HPG), "which
    specializes in golf videos," has reached the 1 million mark in
    sales "thanks to its latest project, 'The Little Green Video,'
    with Austin golf guru Harvey Penick."  Mickey Holden, HPG founder
    and president:  "We have the same type of rating and sales system
    as records, so its a real milestone for us."  Holden has also
    produced Ben Crenshaw's "The Art of Putting" and Penick's first
    video, "The Little Red Video."  The Penick videos are
    counterparts to his books, including "The Little Red Book"  --
    which is "the best-selling sports book of all time."  Holden also
    served as an independent contractor to produce the "Harvey
    Pennick TV Special" on NBC in June, which "used special super-
    slow motion filming techniques to show Tom Kite and Ben Crenshaw
    actually making contact [with] the ball from the tee, fairway,
    and sand" (Matt McKay, DALLAS MORNING NEWS, 9/21).

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         John Labatt Ltd. has signed a multi-million dollar, three-
    year deal to become the exclusive sponsor of the Nottingham
    Forest soccer club in Great Britain.  The deal makes Nottingham
    "the first English soccer club to be sponsored exclusively by a
    Canadian beer brand."  The team, "one of England's most famous
    and successful soccer clubs," will play all of its games for the
    next three years with the Labatt name emblazoned across its
    jerseys.  The company also "is now the sole beer supplier" at
    Nottingham's refurbished stadium.  David Radford, Labatt U.K.
    marketing manager:  "Labatt is attempting to position itself as a
    premium lager brand in Britain" (Peter Kennedy, FINANCIAL POST,
    POST also reports that "a U.S. attempt to invade the lucrative
    Quebec beer market has gone flat" according to Canadian market
    analysts.  Michel Gadbois, Dir of the Quebec Association of Food
    Retailers:  "Many retailers in Quebec are thinking of reducing or
    eliminating their stock of American beer because the stuff simply
    isn't selling."  Stroh Brewery Co. -- the 4th-largest in the U.S.
    -- received permission last Spring from Quebec's liquor
    commission to begin selling Old Milwaukee, Schlitz, and Red Bull
    in grocery stores.  Since then the company has "picked up about
    1.7 percent of the Quebec market."  Jacques Kavafian, analyst
    with Levesque, Beaubien, Geoffrion:  "When a new beer comes onto
    the Quebec market with the weight of somebody like Stroh behind
    it, you'd think it would pick up a strong chunk of sales, but
    Stroh did very little promotion up here and sales were flat."
    Stroh VP Christopher Sortwell:  "We're in Canada and Quebec for
    the long term" (FINANCIAL POST, 9/22)

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    and In-Flight Phone Corporation have reached an agreement to
    provide an advertiser-sponsored sports information service free
    of charge to passengers on AmericaWest, Continental, and USAir.
    The service is scheduled to be available early next
    year....Players from the Lakers are participating in a
    "shootathon" this morning to benefit the Boys & Girls Club of
    Venice.  They will be joined by Peter Uberroth and CA Speaker of
    the House, Willie Brown....The Mighty Ducks of Anahiem have
    announced that the First Annual Mighty Ducks Golf Tournament to
    benefit Disney GOALS will be held Oct. 10.  Profits from the
    tournament will be donated to GOALS, which stands for "Growth
    Opportunities through Athletics, Learning, and Service" -- a non-
    profit program established this year by The Walt Disney Company
    to create after-school and weekend hockey programs for less
    privileged children (THE DAILY).
    Wednesday, Walt Disney "won two major victories" when Prince
    William County planning commissioners voted 7-1 to grant zoning
    approval for its proposed 3,000 acre theme park in Northern
    Virginia.  Earlier in the day, the area's Transportation Planning
    Board approved $130M in new roads to serve the park.  Tom Lewis,
    Disney VP:  "Obviously it puts us closer" (Hsu & Fehr, WASHINGTON
    POST, 9/22).

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         Reds first baseman Tony Perez will lead a group of
    instructors in a series of Nike-sponsored MLB clinics in the
    Dominican Republic next month.  Perez:  "The Dominican Republic
    has produced countless major league players, including many of
    baseball's brightest stares today. I am excited to play a part in
    helping the game grow in the Dominican Republic" (THE
    DAILY)....Nike has proposed an All-Star game this fall for
    striking MLB players, but still has to "strike a deal" with
    players, the union, a TV network, and a stadium.  Ken Griffey,
    Jr. says "it's good idea" ( "Sports Business Minute," CNBC,
    9/26).  Proceeds from the game would go to charity
    ("SportsCenter," ESPN, 9/26). ...Cadbury Beverages and Hershey
    Foods have joined forces to market a chocolate drink under
    Hershey's name (George Lazarus, CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 9/27)....Philip
    Morris is considering removing its HQs and 2000 employees from
    New York City if proposed smoking ban with the city cannot be
    resolved ("Nightly Business Report," PBS, 9/26)....Reebok next
    month will begin a online service called which will
    offer Internet users a forum to ask questions about products,
    check out a calendar of upcoming sporting events and chat with
    Reebok endorsers like Shaquille O'Neal and Nancy Kerrigan (AD
    AGE, 9/26).

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         ProServ has beefed-up its basketball division by acquiring
    Sports Ventures, a Houston and Oklahoma City player rep firm that
    counts as its clients Shawn Kemp, Nick Van Exel, Rik Smits,
    Detlef Schrempf, Avery Johnson, and Donyell Marshall.  ProServ
    Chair Donald Dell:  "Our acquisition of Sports Ventures adds
    several great athletes   -- who are extremely marketable -- to
    our existing clients and enhances our presence in basketball.
    This acquisition will enable ProServ to make an even bigger
    impact in NBA basketball."  Sports Ventures President Tony Dutt:
    "It made sense for us to join ranks with ProServ for so many
    reasons.  ProServ has successfully marketed its athletes for 25
    years and our clients should benefit tremendously from the
    experience and contacts of the ProServ team.  I look forward to
    joining forces with them and look at this arrangement as
    developing and growing very successfully over the long term."
    Dutt will work out of ProServ's Arlington, VA, offices and his
    partner, James Bryant, will work out of Oklahoma City (THE

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         Two former Turner Broadcasting execs, Robert Hope and Paul
    Beckham, have purchased Whittle Events and the Silver Bullets
    professional woman's baseball team.  "Terms of the sale were not
    disclosed, but Whittle Events had revenue of about $8M in the FY
    ended June 30.  The Silver Bullets generate about $3.5M
    annually."  Whittle Events also does Olympic marketing for Coca-
    Cola, manages the Coors Light Silver Bullet promotion, and is
    working with Mercedes Benz to develop a theme park.  The company
    will be renamed Hope-Beckham, Inc., and will move to Atlanta.
    Hope started Whittle Events with Chris Whittle and launched the
    Silver Bullets three years ago; he also served as VP of the
    Braves and Hawks.  Beckham served as senior finance officer,
    chief administrative officer, and president of Turner Cable
    Network Sales.  Hope:  "We cracked the code on how to make this
    work" (Charles Haddad, ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 9/22).
         CLUB MED:  This morning's WALL STREET JOURNAL reports that
    Hope and Beckham "are negotiating with investors -- including an
    unnamed 'big cable TV-player' -- about starting a Mediterranean
    Baseball League comprised of six to eight professional women's
    baseball teams."  They also say they are talking with television
    networks about broadcasting deals (Anita Sharpe, WALL STREET
    JOURNAL, 9/22).

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         According to Jo McIntyre in this week's ADVERTISING AGE,
    corporate sponsors of the Iditarod -- such as Iams and Timberland
    -- are "nervous about controversy" stemming from complaints by
    animal-rights activists and "are backing away."  Byran Brown,
    Communications Dir for Iams, which contributed $175,000 in money
    and dog food this year:  "Rather than continue to ask for major
    changes in the current format of the Iditarod sled dog race, it
    is in the best interest of all concerned that Iams Co. withdraw
    from active sponsorship of the race."  Timberland, which has a
    $1M involvement in this year's race, is "weighing whether to
    sponsor next year's race."  Jay Steere, Timberland Senior Manager
    of Events and Promotions:  "We are disappointed (about the
    dispute between activists and the race committee) because we
    think the nucleus of the Iditarod, the idea of man and woman
    going on an equal basis against the elements, is a powerful story
    and one we feel helps us position our brand in a positive way."
    Stan Hooley, Exec Dir of the Iditarod Committee:  "Timberland
    understands the value of sponsorship of this event for them.  The
    dilemma is how difficult are these special interests groups going
    to make it for us" (Jo McIntyre, AD AGE, 9/26 issue).
    Scott, founder of the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society, wants
    Miller Brewing to stop airing its "Bass Ball" commercials, which
    feature players "hurling what appears to be a largemouth bass
    from base to base."  Scott:  "For 25 years, we've been trying to
    get people to respect this fish, and here we have people slapping
    a bass across a man's face, throwing it around the bases.  Wonder
    if they'd be willing to film a commercial with somebody throwing
    a kitten or a poodle puppy? ... I want Miller to get off our
    bass" (Gene Mueller, WASHINGTON TIMES, 9/26).


         Triarc Companies Inc., which owns Royal Crown Cola and
    Arby's, is spending $525M in cash for Long John Silver's
    Restaurants Inc.  "The deal will create a company with a combined
    4,200 restaurants, generating more than $2.5B in annual system-
    wide sales."  Nelson Peltz, Triarc Chair/CEO:  "The proposed
    addition of Long John Silver's nearly 1,450 locations to our
    existing system of 2,700 Arby's restaurants will propel us
    overnight to the top tier in the quick-service restaurant
    industry" (AP/WASHINGTON TIMES, 9/22).
         DUAL-BRANDING, THE NEXT WAVE:  "Triarc will try to turn the
    acquisition into a venture that would be the most ambitious
    attempt at fast-food dual branding" -- which is "the retailing of
    two separate brands from the same restaurant outlet."  Don
    Pierce, head of Triarc's restaurant group:  "Multiple branding is
    the next wave in the restaurant business" (Glenn Collins, N.Y.
    TIMES, 9/22).
         OR IS IT?  According to this morning's WALL STREET JOURNAL,
    "not everyone in the restaurant industry is so enamored of the
    multiple-restaurant approach."  PepsiCo has tested several three-
    in-one and two-in-one restaurant locations across the country,
    "with less-than-overwhelming results" (Emory Thomas, WALL STREET
    JOURNAL, 9/22).

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         In a recent interview with Michelle Himmelberg of THE ORANGE
    COUNTY REGISTER, Tony Tavares, President of Disney Sports
    Enterprises, stated his commitment to making the Mighty Ducks
    "America's team in hockey," confirmed Disney's interest in other
    professional sports teams -- especially for Orlando or Anaheim --
     and discussed corporate ownership as the next wave in the sports
    industry.  Excerpts follow:
         TAVARES ON DISNEY SPORTS EXPANSION:  "The specific vision is
    to get involved in more sports, but it has to be the right
    circumstances for us to get involved.  We're what I would call a
    very fussy company about the kind of deals we get involved in.
    We have high expectations and high requirements in regards to
    return on our investments."
         TAVERES ON TEAM LOCATION:  "Either Orlando or Anaheim would
    be levels of high interest, or any place where we have a park or
    might have a park.  This company is very big on synergy and
    looking at ways to cross-fertilize the company.  It makes more
    sense to own a team in a city where we have a park than, in say,
    Green Bay."
         TAVARES ON CORPORATE OWNERSHIP:  "Frankly, when you start
    looking at the levels of economics we're at in sports, the old
    entrepreneurial guy that owned the 40 car lots, or the guy who
    was the wildcatter in oil, those people just don't exist with the
    kind of capital that it takes to get involved in sports."
         TAVARES ON THE NHL'S FUTURE:  "The key issue in hockey is we
    haven't reached our maturity yet.  I've been critical of hockey
    in the past for not being strategic in anything it did.  That
    changed when Gary Bettman came on board.  I believe he's a
    strategic thinker with a mandate from the owners to grow the
    business" (Michelle Himmelberg, ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER, 9/25).

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         According to Bernadette Mansur, NHL VP of Corporate
    Communications, NHL merchandise sales surpassed $1B last season
    and the Mighty Ducks out-sold every pro team in North America.
    Mansur:  "While the industry is fairly saturated, we as a sport
    are not saturated and retailers are looking to us for fresh, new
    merchandise."  Here are the top 10 most popular NHL teams in
    terms of merchandise sales:  (1) Mighty Ducks; (2) Panthers; (3)
    Blackhawks; (4) Penguins; (5) Sharks; (6) Maple Leafs; (7)
    Canadiens; (8) Red Wings; (9) Bruins; (10) Kings.  In '93
    merchandise sales were $3.8B in MLB and $2.5B in the NFL (Dave
    Fuller, TORONTO SUN, 9/27).
         NBA FIGURES STILL COMING IN:  Peter Land, NBA Dir of
    Marketing Communications, told THE SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY this
    morning that the league estimates merchandise sales during '93-94
    season will approach approximately $2.9B, with $350M coming from
    overseas (THE DAILY).
    AGE's "Last Minute News" column, the NBA will break an $8M, two-
    tiered TV campaign that will continue the "I Love This Game"
    promotion and launch an "I Love This Stuff" consumer pitch for
    NBA-licensed products.  The campaign comes from Berlin Wright
    Cameron Dolye (AD AGE, 9/26).

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