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A Day In The Life With Bears Dir Of Player Engagement LaMar Campbell

LAMAR “SOUP” CAMPBELL spent six years playing in the NFL in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s for the Lions. His post-playing ventures eventually led him to an Assistant AD role at Wisconsin, his alma mater, before he got back into the league working for his former team’s NFC North rival, the Bears, in ‘17. Campbell now serves as the team’s Dir of Player Engagement, a job in which he mentors players and helps them have their minds right and priorities focused, on and off the field. As anyone in the NFL knows, a football life is grueling, but Campbell was able to take some time during the Bears’ bye last week to speak with THE DAILY and share a little bit about his how he spends most of his days inside Halas Hall.

4:00am: I wake up and hit the snooze for about 15 minutes before I actually get up and head out.

5:00am: I get to Halas Hall and work out for about an hour. I like to do this early to get my day started.

6:00am: After my workout, I jump in the Sauna for about 15 minutes. Then I have a fruit smoothie for breakfast and drink a lot of water throughout the day. During training camp I made a pledge to my players that I would try to get back down to my playing weight. If they see me eating anything bad they are allowed to slap it out of my hands -- it keeps me accountable.

6:45am: I like to get into my office a little early and have it open for players, who usually start arriving a little before 7:00. I want to be available for them before their days get started. I also use this time to meet with any coaches or the rest of the front office to get a handle on things if I need to.

9:00am: We have our team meeting all together and then the players go into their individual meetings. I’ll use that time to meet with anyone I need to in any other departments within the organization.

Campbell held an executive role with Wisconsin athletics before joining the Bears in '17
Photo: Bears

Noon: I have a salad with a side of protein for lunch. I’m usually in my office with some players. About once every two weeks the Bears' social justice committee, which I’m on, meets during this time. It’s one of my favorite things to do with the team.

1:00pm: After lunch the team usually has practice, which I go to. If a player is a little off or not feeling well, I’ll try to figure out what the problem is and if there is a way that I can help.

5:00pm: After practice I’ll be back in my office to do things like update the schedule and just continue to meet with players and talk about anything they need to. I stay around until the final player leaves the building. Once the work day is over I’ll jump in the sauna again before heading home.

7:00pm: Once I’m home I’ll have another salad with a side of protein for dinner and try to figure out what’s going on in the world. At work, it’s all football all the time. I like to read, catch up on the news and I might make a few phone calls if I need to.

10:00pm: I’m in bed and ready for some sleep before the 4:00am alarm goes off and I do it all again.

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